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    WE ARE HUMAN! (most of the time!!)

Joseph was very sick as a child to the age of 4 suffering from fits, blackouts and uncontrolled breath holding some lasting many minutes. He also had a bad stutter till the age of 6.

At the age of 8 years he was diagnosed with childhood asthma with allergies to dust and pollens (esp. sunflowers).

His mother newly emigrated from Sicily understood only 'swimming' when explained by the doctor.  So started Joseph's love of the ocean. He has been an avid swimmer since nearly drowning at the age of 9 if not for the quick action of his mother. Joseph continued to 'water safety and survival' and his 'bronze medallion' and then became one of the youngest trainee swim teachers at the age of 13.  He also swam competitively for his schools.
Joseph's passion to swim has grown over the years, and is now a way of life. You will find him swimming everyday (sometimes twice) through the seasons rain hail or shine. Whether it is at the local beaches (preferred) of Kwinana or Rockingham or pools, throughout the state or interstate on business client travels, Joseph does not miss the opportunity of being in water. 


Joseph's other sporting passions were football, jiu jitsu, ice skating, and roller blading. His son Christopher going on to play W.A.State ice hockey.

His other interests remain; astrology, camping (self), classical music, cooking, free diving (for shells he collects to make figurines which he gifts to special people),     herbal medicine, numerology, poetry and the understanding/subject of Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP's).

Fascinated by the gift/meaning of life and the spiritual path we take as individuals.

Since October 2013, Joseph has also assisted with his son's (Chris-Drums) Banjup band "Oakland". Writing some song lyrics.


Since the death of the homeless person at Lake Richmond, Rockingham in 2014, Joseph convened a meeting of local business people and organisation heads in Rockingham for the purpose of resolving a homeless shelter so the needy would not sleep out in the open. This continues to be a work-in-progress.

Joseph also volunteers his time on a regular basis to the local S.O.U.L Soup Patrol in feeding the needy of Rockingham.






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