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09/03/2017-Tuesday) This Weeks State Election:


Firstly let me declare that I wish the Rockingham Kid Mark McGowan all the best, and hope for our region that he does win the election this Saturday.                                                                                 

This States newspaper has through it’s polls a comfortable McGowan Labour Party win. 

My feelings tell me I have great doubts about this.


Last weekend the pollsters had Pauline Hanson’s Party winning a mere 9% of the vote, and argued that the preferences flowing through to the ‘Barnett Liberal-Coalition’ (important to remember this title), would not be enough to return this Government for a third term, hence giving the Labour party the election win.

So the saying that the “first thing to be lost in an election campaign is the truth”, is very evident in this current election campaign. 

But allow me to leave the West Australian paper for the moment.

The most evident for me, even before the newspaper, which may not be apparent to some viewers is the bombardment by the ‘W.A. Chamber of Minerals and Energy’ on the “Jobs before Taxes” Ad campaign.

The best way I can describe the current campaign by the chamber is ‘A Falsehood of Fear’.


The Gryll’s Campaign: 


The two largest mining companies will have you believe that the Gryll’s National Party mining tax lift from 0.25 cents per tonne mined to $5.00 per tonne mined is bad for jobs, bad for W.A. and therefore bad for Australia.  The truth is these two mining companies have never had it better mining Iron-Ore in this state, in which as residents WE ALL OWN.  What Gryll’s has tried to show through this election campaign is that a new uplift in the tax of $4.25 per tonne will only slightly mark the balance sheet of these mining companies.  It is a documented fact that it costs on average $19 per tonne to mine our ore, which is very high grade, the highest in the world and the envy of other miners around the world.

So by way of example, and rounding if I gave you $50 to dig something out of the ground for which you could give back to me so I could then sell for $100, would we do it?  Of course we would.  Most enterprising people would as it represents a profit mark-up of 50%.

The only other popular commodity that comes close to this is the humble coffee bean, if you did not know it. 

The real fact is that at it’s lowest price of $38 per tonne sell price, in the last 18 months this profit margin for the miners, as admitted, by them was ‘thriving’.  So technically if we add a further $4.25 per tonne increase in state revenue tax royalty, because we value our resources as valuable and should not be giving our resources away for 0.25 cents per tonne (raping our landscape)(in perspective it makes me want to puke actually knowing this fact.  And for those that have not been in the North West I will upload the images I took as a mining graduate back in 1986 of the beautiful Karajini National Park Ranges. And yes I did swim in the Karajini Gorge on secondment) these miners to use their terminology, will still be ‘thriving’ at a sell price above $42.25 per tonne.  Simple mathematics, would you say not?

Now let me ask you this question.  Did you know the sell price of Iron-ore last night?

It was $92.33 per tonne.  That means the mining companies on average are making a profit mark-up $73.33 per tonne. 

This represents a mark-up of 385.9%.  Is this not disgusting compared to 25 cents per tonne for raping the land.  So my example above, that you said yes to, of 50% pales into insignificance. 

This is why they continue to be ‘rich mining companies’, and their shareholders so envious to protect their interests. (let me declare myself as a shareholder of both the big mining companies and do not have a problem with Brendon Gryll’s new mining tax up-lift). 

See I’m not a hypocrite.

So the next time a mining giant like Rio threatens our State Government – and by inference US, with leaving Our State, and taking it’s mining operations to Brazil, I for one will be assisting Brendon Gryll’s in rolling out the ‘Red Carpet’ for them to exit.  This a blatant blackmail which no Government should have to tolerate.

And let me now mention the 600 jobs that were publicised to be sacked before Christmas, and did so.  Have any of these jobs/contracts been replaced, post the $6 billion Rio profit declaration.


This is not, how we Western Australian citizens should be treated, nor should we see as acceptable corporate governance and responsibility.

And don’t get me started on the well documented corporate tax dollars evaded through the use of tax havens throughout the world.

So the majority of us as custodians of the State’s resources have had the wool well and truly pulled over our eyes.  Are you one of those majority. I am not.  And this alone will influence my voting tomorrow.

Have you worked out what the increase of $4.25 per tonne mined will do for State Government Revenue.

Well let me put this into relative perspective for you.

Let’s say you are the Government and you are on an annual salary of $50,000.00. This 1900% increase in Royalty will make your new salary $950,000.00.  Yes  just shy of 1 million dollars, up from $50,000.00. 

I cannot see anyone saying no to that!

Could you picture/imagine, what this extra tax could do for the future of our State and all local communities? 

Well I can.

So please begin to imagine like me.

When I started putting this election piece together a month or so ago I was of the opinion that whichever of the major parties did a deal with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party would win. 

My preference was for a political marriage between Gryll’s National Party and Hanson’s One Nation Party.  As this would have some political punch.

And that there was still hope for Mark McGowan’s Labour Party if he struck a deal with Gryll’s National Party.  But in his own admission in the West Australian N/paper on Wednesday the 28th. 

“We’re not forming government with the National Party.  We either win 30 seats and form government or we don’t form government”.

I hope for our region, in Rockingham, these words do not come back to haunt Mr. McGowan.


Barnett Liberal Government;  

The Good

    - New Fiona Stanley Hospital.

  • Upgrades to Midland and Rockingham Hospitals.

  • New Stadium.

  • Elizabeth Quay

The Bad – Barnett’s insistence with Roe 8 and actually calling in the bulldozers is unforgiveable as hundred year old trees have been felled and mulched.

The Ugly – Barnett’s failure on the local government amalgamations of 2 years ago.  His dislike for local government as a third tier was evident to me back in the early eighties.  As I was a student in his Economics lectures at Uni.  So he is definitely a long term strategist. 


The Very Ugly – Not dealing with treasurer Mike Nahan in previous indiscretions, and the gall of Nahan threatening to quit the Barnett  government over a Gryll’s preference deal.


McGowan Labour Government: 

The Good – The abolishen of Roe 8.

  • The outer harbour in Cockburn Sound.

The Bad – His refusal to team up with the National Party on voting preference deals.  


The Ugly – the true costings on his metro-net dream, esp. the need to buy-back land reserves.

Gryll’s National Party. 

The main advantage of the increase in the state mining royalty is every dollar stays in the state of W.A.  and contrary to the lies espoused by the fear campaign, no dollar will go east.  You can see from the dollar increase  that can be raised, other production inhibiting taxes like state payroll tax can be abolished. 

The State will have that more much money, at no real extra cost to the arrogant mining companies whose major shareholders reside overseas.  And just imagine as a state what can be done at a community level with increased revenue.

It’s also about time that we as a State begin to receive ‘fair value’ to show for the large holes in the ground up North.

How I would vote:

1 - Brendon Gryll’s National Party in the upper house, as the Legislative Council. 

2 – Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party in the lower house, as the Legislative Assembly.


Because I admire the ‘Courage of Gryll’s Conviction’ in the lone stance up against the mining companies.  And in all honesty the party needs as much help as it can get.  As Brendon has not been able to sell his State Mining Royalty properly, hence my vote of confidence in his party.  On this point Brendon should have allowed his Deputy Mia Davies help promote the Increase in State Royalty to the women demographic and espouse at length the positives as I have done.  Maybe next election?

For the sake of ‘balance of power’, I never give my vote to a major political party in the lower house, hence my choice of One Nation, and their strict stance on 457 visa employees. 

They should never be given a job ahead of a able, available and willing Australian resident worker.

My prediction:

Remember back at the start when I asked you to remember the title of “Barnett Liberal/Coalition Party”.  Well that will be the deciding factor in this election.

Numerologically, the numbers were stacked against a McGowan Labour Party win, ever since he said no to a Gryll’s National Party voting preference deal.

So what that Barnett title means is that McGowan is up against the Barnett no 1 vote, a Gryll’s Coalition preference vote (subject to royalties/regions), (irrespective of treasure Nahan’s posturing) and since the deal with Pauline Hanson, another preference vote here. 

On this point I will be very surprised if the Hanson One Nation vote is not at least 12% or 1/8th of the primary vote.

Which should give Barnett his Third term in government.

But I still wish that Mark McGowan wins for our region.    


(12/03/2017-Sunday) - Mark McGowan Labour Party election win: 

Exciting times ahead as McGowan’s Labour Party has won the state election with a majority that should allow him to govern for at least two (4 year terms) till 2025.  But he must keep his promises and not upset the populous with increases in charges as many still do not have jobs.

What I will look forward to:

  • Cancelling of Roe 8, and reclaiming the bulldozed and mulched trees for parks and nature reserves for State Govt. upkeep.Esp. that cleared around Bibra Lake.

  • Building the outer harbour in Cockburn Sound, and moving the heavy freight from Fremantle to Kwinana, for badly needed jobs in our region.

  • The sale of Fremantle Ports, and allowing this to remain a Passenger terminal only for the Luxury Liners.

  • Developers should then be allowed to build5 star Hotels that are badly needed in this region so as to attract overseas visitors and keep them in the Fremantle and southern region.

McGowan’s Labour Party challenge will be the funding of Metro Net.  But this is not insurmountable.  He will not be selling Western Power and will not be able to put up utilities and charges whilst the major populous are hurting.  The ones that are not huring are the two largest miners in this country.

I wish, now that Brendon Gryll’s is on the fringe of losing his National Party seat, his expertise and knowledge is not lost.  I live in hope that McGowan will use this knowledgeable man to introduce the increase in State Mining Royalty.  Maybe not the full $5.00, but $2.50 for this first term.  This would increase State Government Revenue by 900%.

I believe this will allow the McGowan Labour party to implement the policies promised and more, without the need to increase utilities and charges.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Good Luck Mark McGowan and your new ministers at the exciting times ahead for your Labour Party.

I will be introducing myself to Mark McGowan, and as a founding Director of the Catalpa Homeless Foundation Incorp. Ltd.  

 And for the worth that this latest election write-up may be of assistance to him, esp. the figures/numbers bits.


(04/01/2017-Wednesday: 4 is one of my my lucky numbers. Why?  I explain:  The no. 13 is reduced to 4 in Numerology.  So today is a great day to be writing this completion. 

Let’s see if you can guess what this sequence is: 4, 11, 18, 25. Any takers?

I once knew of a beautiful young lady who was blessed with 3 X 4’s.

My Spirit has felt love 4 times in this life time.  I do elaborate.  What’s he bloody talking about when he refers to Spirit?

I will enlighten you.  As I was!

But more of this later.  Why because its’s HOT and I’ve had enough of Roller blading on Hot Asphalt.  So I’m off to the Ice Arena tonight.

Don’t worry most of this will be complete by the morning.  And who can sleep in this heat anyway?

So let’s end 2016 with the love's part of my life first:

For those of us who wear our hearts on our sleave, it is natural for some battering and bruising along the way.  My GP many years ago (I have not been for quite some time and usually only go for blood cholesterol, re. heart attacks that I’ve been told run in our genes-my paternal grand mother esp. This is one of the spirits, that shadows me.  My eldest staff member Pam has seen her Aura at our office.  Now betcha that’s got your hackles up.  More of Nonna later!  As this is not the appropriate section) told me therefore that heart health is very important.  He said to me that if you clench your fist slightly then that is the approx.. size of your heart.  So I did clench.  To which he said Huge/PharLap!

My first love was Francis in year 9, 1977, aged 14.  ’The first cut (as the Rod Stewart classic suggests) is always the deepest’.  I built up the courage to ask her out just before end of year school break-up.  I admit, I later broke her heart.  But just recently with the help of my staff tracked her down and spoke to her at length.  Francis married and has 2 adult children.  We have organised to catch up for coffee in this new year.

My second love was Colomba.  At (WAIT) Curtain Uni. In 1984.  The year of my 21st birthday.  She broke my heart.  She contacted me at my office approx. 4 years ago after she saw me in the car park at an accounting /taxation seminar in Bentley.  Again we spoke at length and I invited her down for a coffee in Rockingham.  But she said she only would when she felt better about herself.  She has never married and told me she has her cats.

My third love was/is the mother of my 3 beautiful children. Whom I have had to care for since 1996.  When she vowed not to drive again, after a horrific car accident, sandwiched between a car and MTT Bus at the time.  The Archangels were definitely  watching over my family that day of 6th,  December 1996. 

Then came the two cancer scares of 2001.  To which I again nursed her through.  After being diagnosed with various medical conditions, for which she stopped (her choice) receiving treatment for.

I will continue to be the long term carer for this person because I’ve been told many times ‘that’s what good catholics do’.

People ask me why I train so hard and keep so healthy.  Well now you know why!  So stop asking.

My fourth and final love, I felt in October 2013.  I am not certain of this young ladies name so I have referred to her as ‘The Angel’.  Because that is what one is when you are the closest thing to heaven here on earth!  I have tried to get close to this person, but failed at all attempts (ie poetry, flowers, apologies, etc.) 

In the end this latest love had run its race and taken its toll.  Railroaded by an informant (she knows who she is), with misinformation.

If the truth be known, I have been looking since 2007.  Since the last argument to end all arguments.  My eldest staff member Pam knows me the best, knows all my secrets.  Has witnessed my demeanour over many years.  Not just the last 4 years.

So in summary, My Spirit will not love again in this lifetime, as I am a man of love not lust!, as the latter destroys spirit.

NOWWWW, is a great time to revist the big question of ’Spirit’.  Which I have continually referred to, over many, many years.  As I could not understand what was happening to me personally in certain circumstances,

And recently confirmed by internationally acclaimed consciousness crusader, Dr. Bruce Lipton.  Who by the way, and more importantly is a qualified Stem Cell Biologist, from America.  So if you have had the thought, at times that ‘I am away with the fairies’, then do not follow this next link.  ‘’.  I came to learn, and was enlightened, by Dr. Bruce Lipton, in the November 2014 edition of ‘Holistic Bliss’.  It is Austalia’s premier holistic lifestyle magazine.  In this particular edition, he talks at length on our ‘Cells, Beliefs and Our Amazing Spirit’.  Now that I have supplied you with the link, you can all make up your own minds.


To be continued shortly.  I need a couple of hours sleep, as it has cooled down nicely now.

(06/01/2017-Friday) Ending of 2016: Many columnists, critics and writers have described the past 2016 as the worst year on record-in our time-for innocent deaths and atrocities around the world involving ISIS.

In WA we had devastating fires and across the globe we had earthquakes and floods.

But possibly the saddest and worst news story I read in 2016 was in September by The Daily Telegraph – Sydney.  The rape of a 6 year old girl (year 1) by two 12 year old boys (year 6) in the toilet block of a northern beaches school.  The attack happened in the previous month of August.  I cannot comprehend this type of offence and wonder why ?  Is it violent computer games, is it irresponsible parents,  or is it broken families.  Was it a daring game, similar to those reported in Melbourne in the months of late July Where young juveniles are daring themselves to worse crimes?

Or are we just becoming a violent society where evil is now embedded in the genes of some of our children because hate has got out of control over the generations?

Food for thought!  Taking affected children out of this situation and showing them love may be a solution.  That is if nothing else has worked!  Some prominent W.A. families have already started doing this.  I will bring this to you in a later forum.

We have also had the deaths of many talented musical artists.  The last being UK artist George Michael at Xmas.  To which his friend Madonna commented, “can 2016 fxxk off now”!  Earlier also the eighties pop icon Prince, produced such greats as “Little Red Corvette, Purple Rain and When Doves Cry”, the latter being my favourite of his productions.

So then allow me to put 2016 briefly in perspective, as it was/meant for me.  Well you have read most of it already.  But how have I reacted.  With sadness at times.  And that word ‘time’ is meant to heal all ills.  But sometimes we also require space maybe, not just time.

I would describe 2016 (The Universal 9 Year) as like a T junction in life.  Much like the end of Malibu Rd. in Waikiki where you cannot keep driving straight, as you would end up over the barrier and in the ocean, and possibly taking some innocent joggers with you.  But at all times we are given a choice, to go either left (as I have done most afternoons or right).

A junction like this cannot be seen as a ending, but in my case a slight change in direction.  In life we cannot always keep going straight, but may have to deviate.  Anecdotally seeing that I have personally come close to death on three occasions at least in this life time.  (and actually crossed over once) –(now you are intrigued! -more of that later and in the appropriate forum).

Don't worry Doctors names will be mentioned, as people require authenticity theses days!

Then quite possibly I would turn a negative into a positive in the T junction scenario and entertain a third scenario.  How you ask?   In the above example I could park up safely, exit the car with my gear, walk across the road (as you may not need to drive on all occasions) and enjoy my swim anyway.  Without necessarily having to go left or right.  This is an example of what few call ‘thinking outside of the square/box’ and creates your own luck!  And this is one of the lessons in life I have instilled in my children.  To sometimes think/entertain outside the square.  As it may give you the edge, in some circumstances.


“Houston? We have a problem”! 

Well my Lady Staff do, at least.  And to be honest, so have I, of late.  Trying to find things in this monster of a blog.  So my helpful Ladies have suggested that I list the latest blog issues at the tops of pages rather than the end (which makes sense).

 I have also thought of introducing a storage page.  The names I came up with were Vecchie Notizie (Old News), Per Non Dimenticare (Lest I Forget), or Caveau Di Memoria (Memory Vault). 

I decided on the latter.

Why should we have a Memory Page?

Well I feel that once something is written and dated, it should not be lost forever.  It is very easy to write pieces and then with a touch of the delete button, lose it forever.

 I think by now my audience, (certainly my family, close friends and lady staff), know that I stand by the courage of my convictions – not too many people can. 

They certainly know that I am not embarrassed easily.

Nor fear easily. 

Only something happening to my children.

SOoooo.  Every piece that I have written shall stand and after 3 months or roughly 1 quarter, shall be moved and stored in this memory vault by the latest date first.

​​(01/11/2016 to 03/11/2016) Travelling through Sydney: Just recently I had business meetings in Sydney but never driven a hire car prior.  Where as in Melbourne, given the Trams, I have no problem navigating around them.  But this particular trip I had to travel in excess of 40 kms so I decided to drive rather than take public transport.  Also I was not in North Sydney but rather in the burbs, where public transport is more disbursed.  Well, what an experience! I noticed that Sydney has to be one-up on Melbourne by challenging the norm of a 4 way ‘t’ junction intersection by the coming together of 5/6 roads at a junction.  Yes you read right.  So in many instances you have a vehicle sitting on your right shoulder, as well as your left if you are sitting in the right or outside lane.

Anyway the main thing is I left ample time to get back to the airport on the day of my return to Perth.  I did get stuck in the tunnel one night returning at 9pm and for about 3 kms it was a snail crawl for 20 mns.  The two lanes reduced to one due to a truck breakdown.  Not happy!


(14/11/2016-Monday) Negative and Positive Ions:  “Scanseti i duoco” – which is sicilian for “clear away from there”.  This is what my mother would say to me as a child on nearing the doors and windows at the hint of thunder and lightning storms.  Especially early of a morning when I would awake.  I would run to the blinds and open them whilst my siblings would cover their heads with the blankets.  My mother would continue, “Ti shrupie loccie”.  “You’ll hurt your eyes” as she chased me away with the fly swat or the wooden spatula, whatever she could grab first.

This continued through the years, and I was in my element in 1986 – My Tom Price secondment with Hamersley Iron.  For those that have been in the north west in the wet season, will know exactly what I’m talking about. One electrical storm after another.  The night sky lights up like daylight as the electrical activity connects/earths with the haematite/magnetite rich ground.

Continued (25/11/2016-Friday).  The Possum rang Monday night 21st and was coughing.  She does not suffer from Asthma, so she thought she was coming down with something.  I now explain.  What happened on Monday with the Melbourne storm is the extreme of Positive Ions.  Combined with the high pollen count in the Air,  became extremely dangerous.  Can you remember the laboured breathing you experience when it is humid?  Well that is just water vapour.  Now add Pollen!  And you have a catastrophic climate event which has so far taken 6 lives and a further 4 are in a critical condition in Melbourne hospitals.

In such a situation Asthma sufferers should keep there Ventolin puffers close by and use them as the storm is nearing.  The preventers in this situation have no effect as it is too late.  I suffered as a child, but over the years fully cured myself.  My young son Chris also suffered as a child but has for many years been off the puffers.

These people have basically chocked, but from their lungs. These findings will come out over the following weeks as the authorities and professionals hold their investigations.

I choose to live most of my life in the outdoors mainly of a early morning and early evening and try to avoid the middle of the day, especially in summer.  I work hard and long hours, but I play safe.  In my element and at peace when at the oceans edge.  For me it is when my Spirit is at one with Earth, Air, WaterFire only, the missing element.  Yes the 5 points of the Pentagram.  The missing element fire will be explained over time (think passion).


But could you smell the negative ions in the air as the first drops fell. 

If you open your mouth and allow your tongue to sense a metallic taste.  Then you will get your positive energy from these negative ions.  With the prior two storms we had in February, I made sure I was at my favourite beach (except for the morning of the flood, when it did not stop raining), where the purest West-Wind coming off Wanbro Sound and up from Antarctica would nourish my skin.  The cold droplets falling from the sky into the warm ocean water giving my body added refreshment. 

If you are not confident going out into the storm. 

Then you can also enjoy it from the safety of your porch.  As long as you are outside.

(25/11/2016-Friday) Also as we wind down to another Christmas break this is the time of the year we all reflect on, health, our finances (how we gonna pay for those prezzies?) and what could have been if we had done things differently…… maybe. 

Personally, I would not be where I am today if it were not for my loyal clients who keep coming back each year, and the goodwill they spread for my practice in ‘word of mouth’ recruiting.

More importantly my ‘Lady staff’ who in turn allow me to spread goodwill when I’m over with eastern states clients.  I lost 3 days in Sydney and 1 day in the Supreme court this month, but my lady staff kept producing the work, checking with each other (as I taught them).  As a consequence JPA is on track to have the best invoice billing month ever in the history of the practice (minus financial services thanks to ASIC but I will have the last laugh here when I start writing about the truth of what happened to me in my book titled “Easy Money-trials and tribulations of stock market trading”).

My lady staff have proved to be my back-bone time and time again.

In this month we were also happy to be associated with 2 big Rockingham events, in which we provided advertising support for both events ‘program guides’.  I am talking about the Rockingham beach front: 1 –‘Horse Race’, and 2- the current ‘World Hydrofoil Pro Tour Final’ event. These ladies and gents can reach speeds of 70km/hr.  The colourful path they cut through the water and sky line is the highlight for me.  There are 56 competitors from around the world in our corner of Peel at the moment, a lot of them with their families.  Sitting in restaurants this week I have heard American and Portuguese accents.  This Pro-tour Final continues till Tuesday the 29th November so if you have the time you should go out and support the 23 Aussie female and males in the field.

Both events if repeated will be positive for our region, as the tourists that arrive will also venture throughout the Peel region.

Well done to all organisers and supporters!

(25/12/2016-Sunday-Xmas Day) 

Well I thought coming to Melbourne, would be cooler.  The temperature has been on average cooler than Rockingham, but the blxxxx humidity makes it hard to breathe.  The poss. loves it cause she has had nothing but mostly ‘cold and miserable wet’.  But today after the Gym, she wants me to take her to the Beach.  And its in the middle of the day, which I don’t do, but I wanna make her happy, as she is already counting down the days till I leave.

Tonight for Xmas dinner I am making us a ‘Veal filled Tortellini’ with a combined lean beef and lamb mince ragu sauce’.  She has come along way since her vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian(in that order) days of 18 months ago.  But my poss. being like me has to work out things for herself and cannot be told.  She is a very strong willed and determined cookie!  More so than me, if I have to be truthful.   Plus she is also very gifted.

More of that at a later date.

So I’ve been here since Saturday the 16th and we have been rock climbing (indoors and she is better than me. So her nickname will progress from possum to squirrel, cause she races up the walls).  We have done the 1000 steps Kakoda Memorial walk twice, (but I beat her at this one-stamina the secret here).  On the way back I took a wrong turn and ended up in Toorak Road, Armadale

Well what a difference with our Armadale in the West.  Talk about ‘opulence at it’s very finest’.  Yes I did feel out of place.  Think of Dalkieth, Mosman Park (on the river), and Nedlands in the West and then multiply by about 3 times.

I’m thinking of driving my Bunky (white 1987 Hilux rego. ‘ILLBEBACK’) back across the Nullabor at Easter, as I did not see one old car on Toorak Rd.  Mostly Mercedes, and Maserati’s (good Italian name) (for the parents) few BMW’s and Audi’s ,(for the children) and even fewer Porsche’s and Range Rovers.  And I’m sure nothing built before 2010.

So my Bunky is sure to look out of place and so would be ushered out of town.  It would sure get a stare or two!

So then yesterday (Saturday Xmas eve), its meant to be 36 degrees, and so rather than wait till 8am for the pools to open, I venture towards South Melbourne Beach, adjacent to the Sandbar Beach Café at 6.30am. (Poss. had to work till midday) The skyline is thick with black clouds, so it’s going to be a humid and uncomfortable day.  Whilst I’m doing my core workout on the beach, it starts to thunder (some lightning) and large droplets begin to fall.  Anyway I got to finish my workout and did go in the water for a small swim (it is safer to be in the ocean when lightning is around rather than terra firma).  It ended up raining for the greater part of the morning, and then was the most humid of afternoons.

But I had no such luck on Tuesday at the Brunswick Baths (50m outdoor pool).  I got in early at 6am and managed to do ½ a kilometre before we were asked to take cover (get out) as the lightning started.  This was a first for me, in all the time I have been swimming.  No amount of persuasion by me, that it was ‘safer to be in the water’ worked.

“It’s policy Sir, we have to get everybody out for 30mns from the last lightning strike”.  So I finished that morning in the Steam room.

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