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BUSINESS GUIDANCE/TIPS:  This section springs back to the board, as I complete the Good, Bad , and the Ugly of business settlement.  I also receive through my IPA Professional Association, the Itinerary for the UK Delegation in April 2019.  Such landmarks as the Grosvenor Hotel, on Buckingham Palace Road, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, St James Park and Trafalgar all mentioned.  My client George Martley gives me a good run down over coffee and we vow to meet again just before I leave, with further tips from him.


Garth and Ellen's Gym - "Goliath Fitness" has now been trading for just on 3 months.  On a drive-by the signage by Darrel and his crew from Bullet Signs is awesome. 

Go have a look!









It's my Mother's birthday today.  She has turned 76.  I spoke to my daughter albeit for a short period, and she was happy. 

And I wish it had remained a happy day. 

Till Heather (early 40's) in her early model Pajero turned into our driveway.  She said that she had phoned a homeless agency in the City and they had given her our address.  As our office is also the current address of the Catalpa Homeless Foundation Ltd.

The World needs to know!

My staff tried a few places including the "Lucy Saw Women's Refuge Centre" in Rockingham, and the only refuge that would take her overnight was a location in Northbridge.  Heather did not have the fuel required in her car to make the trek to Northbridge.  A share facility in Mandurah would put her up for $150.00 a week.  But she is uncertain about this facility.

She is frightened about spending the night at the beach carparks, where the majority of the homeless people in our community end up.

So I have offered Heather the safety of the JPA driveway during the night time hours and to use JPA facilities during daytime hours when staff are in attendance.

Heather was happy with this.






NUMEROLOGY/ASTROLOGY:  WOULD ANYBODY LIKE TO GUESS WHERE GIGANTIC JUPITER IS AT THE MOMENT?  Also we list Joseph's priorities in this 2019 Universal 3 year, of helping others bring out their creative best!


So for the 2018 year being an Eleven year we will concentrate on the number 11. 

It is time to be Proactive and to spread the message of ‘Get Up and Go’.

Hence my Spanish theme of “Ay Vamos - 2018” Or “Oh Let’s Go! 2018”

No delaying those resolutions in this 2018 year.

And why the Spanish, I hear you say.

Because they have the most fun partying!  Say I.

We start with the year as non-reducing, and we still have to add in the day and month.  So we will also concentrate on the number 2 as this normally follows the 1 year that was 2017.   

The number 2 in brief is about ‘Patience, Decisions, and Rhythm’, after a 1 year of ‘New Beginnings’.

January 2018:

New Year’s day will be a Life Path Number 4.  If you happen to have a child born on this day!

There are no Master Number 11 days. 

There are 3 Universal Life Path No. 2 days, occurring on the 8th, 17th. and 26th

There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in January 2018.

The Full Moon occurs on Tuesday 2nd (brightest sky) and you may have noticed that the moon has been waxing (getting bigger and brighter) this prior week?  Whilst the New Moon occurs on Wednesday 17th (darkest sky).

February 2018:

There are no Master Number 11 days. 

There are 3 Universal Life Path No. 2 days, occurring on the 7th, 16th. and 25th.

There are 3 Universal Life Path No. 22 days, occurring on the 9th, 18th. and 27th..

Ladies I feel you should all reward yourself on the Friday Sunday and Tuesday that this number occurs.


Because of the “She - Hera”, and be proud to be a lady, woman, or mother, whom normally display the attributes of Patience, Decisions and Rhythm, more-so than men.

There will be no Master Number 33 days in February 2018.

The Full Moon occurs on Thursday 1st (brightest sky).  Whilst the New Moon occurs on Friday 16th (darkest sky).

March 2018:

There are no Master Number 11 days. 

There are 3 Universal Life Path No. 2 days, occurring on the 6th, 15th. and 24th.

There are 3 Universal Life Path No. 22 days, occurring on the 8th, 17th. and 26th..

There will be no Master Number 33 days in March 2018.

The Full Moon occurs on Friday 2nd and Saturday 31st (brightest sky.  No eclipse here as happened on January 31st).  Whilst the New Moon occurs on Sunday 18th (darkest sky).

I have had to make some corrections to the above.  I think I need an editor! to check my work.


APRIL 2018:

There are no Master Number 11 days. 

There are 3 Universal Life Path No. 2 days, occurring on the 5th, 14th. and 23rd.

There are no Master Number 22 days, occurring this month.

There will be no Master Number 33 days this month.

The New Moon occurs on Monday 16th (darkest sky).  Whilst the Full Moon occurs on Monday 30th (brightest sky. 


The month of April has been up-loaded.  As previously mentioned, the calendar produced by the City Of Kwinana is proving the most accurate so far.  So well done to the persons involved in putting this together.  At this time of year with the Full Moon esp. occurring close to and on either side of midnight depending on the time zone you are in.  This has caused the calendars produced in the Eastern states and readily available in local newsagents to be inaccurate. 

This is further exacerbated by the daylight saving practiced by the Eastern states, compared to the West.

- My staff member Kristy was concerned again this morning as the middle room Aircon. has decided to play up again. 

It has been fine since I returned from my previous Melbourne trip.

Coming on by itself and beeping all the time. 

It played up with me once at the beginning of this week.

It's the spirit of Eric again, you know my neighbour that passed. 

He wants me to publish his visions and their meanings to me.

He will not rest till I do.

Kristy has pleaded with me to turn it off at the main board before I leave for Melbourne.

So this is one write-up I will continue when away in Melbourne, as I will be relaxed.

It all started at Unit 4, Mecure Bunbury Sanctuary Golf Resort in mid-June 2017.  I will always return.

I am also late doing a favourable Trip Advisor write-up for this destination.



The spirit of Eric is so Pxxxxx Oxx! that it keeps me awake at 2am in the morning (Angel Hour - aircon. coming on by itself!).  This is the morning (Friday 9th) after the afternoon (of Thursday 8th) that the Aircon. Technician inspects and reports no fault with either the Aircon. unit or the remote control????


If you have already planned a baby for this year, then congratulations and good luck for a healthy baby in this 2018, 11 year! 

f not, and you do want to have a baby then you may wish to follow our plan of conceiving a 33 Universal Master Number.  Yes the waning and waxing moon coming up in March will affect your conception.  And if you don't believe me.  Then my possum was conceived the same way.  Hi Renee!  According to the Pediatrician my possum was due on the 28th of September 1992 (still a Libran baby).  But when the Ultra-scan was produced it confirmed a delivery date of 18th October 1992.  Renee was eventually born on the 15th.  and yes we did plan a baby girl as we had our first boy in Benjamin (who was a gift, and a beautiful one at that). 


Hello my Benny boo boo bear!

If you have conceived in the last few days since Thursday last week) then congrats.  You may get a ULP 33 master number baby boy in November.  If not then we help you conceive a baby girl.  As November is shaping upto be a monumental month.  Not just for the 100 year anniversary since the signing of the Armistace.

By tomorrow nights end, I will publish my revelation of this fantastic month.  And we need more 33 ULP baby girls.

In the mean time you guys, can start refreshing your memories on high school human biology and the X and Y chromosomes of the marathon swimmers Vs the sprinters, in helping you conceive.  I will help you with the current waning (lesser) and waxing (greater) Lunar affect.

Conceiving for the month of November 2018:

It’s about to get hot and steamy in this part of the Blog so as a pre-warning for those of you who believe in political correctness, and Prime Minister Turnball’s anti-bonking legislation then best you leave this section of my Blog for the less salacious sections, ie Business Tips or Politics.

For those of you who decided to stay then may I start with setting the mood.

Lets start with the right hip swaying gyration music of Mr. Balvin, and his hit “Ay Vamos”.  If you prefer the longer version then they made a remix for the “Fast and Furious” movie, which I quite enjoy from time to time.  I believe this may have been taken off the ‘You-Tube’ channel for copyright purposes. I’m thinking they want people to buy the entire soundtrack here!


If that version does not have you gyrating then there is something wrong with you physically.

Ok folks, now that we have set the scene the next point is to reveal the numerology of the month of November, as this is monumentally exciting! 

Because it will not repeat for quite some time (try 9 years). 

I will do this by midnight tonight, I promise.


November 2018:

There are 3 Master Number 11 days, occurring on the 7th, 16th. and 25th. 

And because of the way we count the 11'S these take the place of the Universal Life Path No. 2 days!  In other words powerful baby boys with a strong feminine side.  I am one of these and I didn't turn out too bad!  OR powerful baby girls with a masculine side ie tom boys.


Likewise there will be no Universal Life Path No. 22 days.

There will be 2 yes TWO! Master Number 33 days in November 2018, occurring on the 11th. and 29th. 

My assistance is so to help you conceive around the 11th thru to the 29th.


There will be 1 Universal Life Path no. 44 day.  Occurring on the 22nd.  In-between the above mentioned MN 33 days.

Can this be a Master Number?  To be honest I do not know, but no. 4 is one of my favourite numbers, so I will do the research here. 

This is the day before the Full Moon.  And because of the gravitational pull of the full moon, I would expect more babies to be born around this date!

The Full Moon occurs on Friday 23rd (brightest sky).  Whilst the New Moon occurs on Thursday 8th (darkest sky).

Look you men if you want to start bonking and can’t be patient with your partners then ladies avoid the period from 9pm- late evening through to the afternoon of 3pm the next day.

AUGUST 2018:

There are no Master Number 11 days.

There are 4 Universal Life Path No. 2 days, occurring on the 2nd, 10th, 19th, and 28th.

There are no Master Number 22 days, occurring this month.

There will be no Master Number 33 days this month.

The New Moon occurs on Saturday 11th (darkest sky).  Whilst the Full Moon occurs on Sunday 26th (brightest sky.

Also Venus and Jupiter since early March 2018.  You may not remember but since Mid-September 2017 when I wrote about the changing weather pattern and increased thermal activity, that Bali's 'Mt. Agung' Volcano had yet to start erupting. 

Since we have seen 'Kilauea' - Hawaii (continuing),  then in April Japan's 'Mt. Ioyama' after 250 years and 'Volcon de Fuego' - Guatemala.  On Saturday, Japan's 'Sakurajima' Volcano was the latest in relative proximity to our world region.

Just on dusk the shenanigans of Venus and Jupiter have continued since early March, 2018.  You can still see them with the naked eye.  If you draw an imaginary line in the sky from East to West, you could be excused for thinking it was akin to a Mexican stand-off.  They are virtually opposite each other in the evening sky.  Venus has been in the North western sky, whilst Jupiter in the South Eastern sky.  At the moment cloud cover permitting you may also see a waxing moon at approx. 1/8th size.  Venus is the third brightest celestial object after the sun and moon in our constellation.  Even though Jupiter is much larger in mass it is much farther out from Venus being our closest neighbour.  They are both Gas giants hence their reflection of the sun.  I will upload the photos I have taken over Waikiki Beach, of an evening in due course.  Also some of the varied sunsets!!!!

Venus will return to her norm of Morning star after the alignment of the planets is complete in the constellation of Libra in October 2018.


There are 3 Master Number 11 days occurring on the 9th, 18th, and 27th.

There are no Universal Life Path No. 2 days.

There is 1 Master Number 22 day, occurring on the 2nd.

There will be no Master Number 33 days this month.

The New Moon occurs on Monday 10th (darkest sky).  Whilst the Full Moon occurs on Tuesday 25th (brightest sky).


There are no Master Number 11days.

There are 3 Universal Life Path No. 2 days, occurring on the 8th, 17th, and 26th.

There are no Master Number 22 days, occurring this month.

There will be no Master Number 33 days this month.

The New Moon occurs on Tuesday 9th (darkest sky).  Whilst the Full Moon occurs on Thursday 25th (brightest sky).


NUMEROLOGY/ASTROLOGY:  If you guessed the no. 2 as the the number that is being sacrificed. Then you guessed right!  This number is inter-related with the no. 11 Master Number.   If you remember the no. 2 and MN 22 were dominant in the first 3 months of 2018.


If you need, go back and read all I have said about Venus of recent.  Between now and the 26th October she will continue her sliding disappearance from our dusk sky.  You may have also noticed that thermal activity in our region has subsided and the rain should continue to fall in the drought ravaged areas of the eastern states.  As Venus returns to her morning star status rising before our mighty Sun.


Numerology/Astrology:  We sum up, the year that was 2018.  I am hoping to do this in early December.  We then will introduce the 2019 year, being a 'Universal 3' year in numerology.  What does this mean numerologically?  Well I have been thinking about this number for a few months.  And for JPA Accounting the 2019 "U3 Year' will culminate with the IPA, United Kingdom Brexit delegation. 

In brief for now, the '3' is about assisting or supporting the expression of others,- as opposed to oneself.



There are no Master Number 11days.

There are 3 Universal Life Path No. 2 days, occurring on the 6th, 15th, and 24th.

There are no Master Number 22 days, occurring this month.

There will be no Master Number 33 days this month.

The New Moon occurs on Friday 7th (darkest sky).  Whilst the Full Moon occurs on Sunday 23rd (brightest sky).



AVANTI:  Remembering that this it the time of year to reconsider "cold water therapy".  If you have been showering with cold water the last week then well done!

 - A few of you are upset that I have left out "Julie Bishop", and the New Zealand Prime Minister form our list of influential ladies and women.  The jury in my opinion is still out on Ms. Bishop, as rumors are that she may leave Federal Politics, which in my opinion will be a great loss!

Well after this week I would also like to add Nancy Pelosi (USA democratic speaker of the house), for sinking her boots into Donald Trump, and stopping his address to the nation (which would probably have amounted to faux news anyway).


AVANTI:  Stay with us this weekend as the mercury rises in more ways than our local weather.

 - We provide a list of powerful women which we feel should be emulated.  Mostly completed in POLITICS subheading.

 - Our support for UK Prime Minister Theresa May, grows stronger and why Joseph feels Jeremy Corbin's days as UK Labour Party Leader are numbered. Completed in POLITICS subheading.

 - Joseph reveals his accommodation in Sicily, after his April, Post-Brexit UK trip. = Villa Anita Residence', Capo d'Orlando.

 - What did Joseph discuss with Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki at a Optus sponsored competition for a satellite launch, in Sydney in 2005?  Partly completed in BUSINESS GUIDANCE/TIPS subheading.




Perth’s Weather:  In this morning’s West Australian on page 6 the opening para. “City dwellers enjoying Perth’s run of glorious sunny winter days have been urged to spare a thought for WA farmers in desperate need of rain”.

Well I for one have, and for the last 2 weeks have been praying for rain, but not only for the farmers, but also for the flora and fauna.  The Bee’s have moved on from Sugar-Loaf Rock and the fish in the streams and rivers will be the first to feel this dry spellMore to follow.


My client George came in yesterday, for the first time since losing his beloved Isobel.  He still has strong memories of his beloved and again broke down in my room.  I told him that this is normal and to keep engaged in the things they loved doing together, like gardening.  I made him an Italian espresso which he enjoyed along with some Italian biscotti’s.  He apologised and asked if I would remake the Archangels, with certificates I had made for Isobel as they seemed to have disappeared after her passing at the hospital.  It would be my pleasure and not to worry as it’s not the first time these Angels have flown-off.  To which he excitedly related to me a true story about their recent vacation. And now the butterflies visit him regularly.  Which George would like me to share with my Web audience.  So more to follow.

Just recently one Archangel Uriel was sent to ‘Martin’ in Ireland by a loved one in Australia.  On reflection, reports back from most people are that they bring a ‘tear of joy’ to their receivers. Photo to be uploaded.






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