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Madre Terra


                                                                                       "L'evoluzione dello scarafaggio"

                                                      "La Madre Terra conosce la diversita, la cooperazione e il partenariato"!

                                                                                  "The Evolution of the Cockroach"

                                                        "Mother Earth knows diversity, cooperation and sustainability"!


I apologise in advance if  I stumble, or am grammatically wrong (Roxy). 

But I am a two finger typist and cannot type as fast as my brain can think.

People who know me, will also say that I am a "Glass half-full" thinker.

This Covid 19 is living in the Air Conditioning ducts of our planes, trains and automobiles (and Passenger Ships).

The confirmation was by our media as we became more knowledgeable, last night, if I remember rightly. 

We were told last night that this virus can live longer on cardboard and copper. 

It may not be able to live much on Stainless Steel, esp. Surgical Stainless Steel.

Civil Engineers, you need to help the Scientists, Doctors and Medical minds in working out a way of mass sanitisation of our treating Hospitals and Medical houses.

19 Doctors have died in that Cremonia Italian hospital alone, that was treating the sick.

The Chinese were not stupid.  Remember how they recently built 2, NEW 1000 room Viral treatment Hospitals in 10 days.  To treat their sick in Wuhan????

Why did they not use their existing Hospitals like us Western Dummies????

I'm not even going to start on why the Australian Government allowed (after the initial isolation only on Xmas Island and the Inpex fly-in fly out camp out of Broome), of Australian Chinese in China, our International borders to stay open for so long.

But many Federal leaders around the world including our own have declared a War.

If that is the case then State leaders must fall in line.

The best news lately has been the McGowan govt. declaration of Rottnest Island  being a quarantine treatment facility for us in the West.

USA, stick behind your Trump Admin. for wanting to raise a stimulus package.  USA democrats stop playing politics at this time of WAR!

JPA's online interpretation of our Australian Stimulus package must go on hold for now, but we have been advising business clients, since the Government declared shutdown (which Joseph does not agree with). 

Remember here British Botanist Charles Darwin and his Theories on Evolution.  We as a species will survive this, but some may die.

PROOF: The Spanish Flu of 1918, which killed approx. 50 million people world wide, eventually killed it-self off in the Northern Hemisphere summer.

Only if you were wondering, the remaining commentary in this section will be how we as a species can continue to survive on this beloved Mother Earth, assuming we do not kill each other in the mean-time (West Vs East).

(13/03/2016 - First Published)

Weeds Vs Medicine (Where/When did Society go wrong):  In the Autumn of 1971 as a child of 7 years I had the privilege of travelling to Sicily with my Parents, sister and brothers.  My maternal Grand Father (a Mute) had not long died.  My paternal Grand Father (a drunk – dad doesn’t mind) had died in 59/60 before I was born.  So Mum and Dad wanted us kids to meet the remaining relatives (mostly in Sicily), namely the Nonna’s in the country villages where they were raised.

Mum wanted me to meet her Dad (an incredible man according to Mum’s recollection and stories) although a mute like his brother he knew through intuition, what was happening before it happened and so raised and protected his children as he did his flock of sheep, knowing what plants and grasses were friendly and hence medicine from those that would and did kill. But this was not meant to be.

Whilst in Sicily, Mum, Dad and my elder sister (most privileged), travelled to northern Italy to visit Mum’s older sister, who had married and settled in Torino.  So this left me as the oldest boy to assist the Nonna’s in collecting water from the communal ‘Fontana’ (fresh flowing water from the hills) and abundant green plants/herbs (what we now call weeds) from the surrounding fields.  “Vene ca Nonna, beddhu”, sicillian for “come with grandma beautiful”.   They would lead me by the hand pointing out the good plants from the bad.  ‘Rapa’ and ‘Cost-i-Vetyi’ in Sicilian translated to'Wild Lettuce' and 'Dandelion' in English that were most desirable and sought after.  As opposed to ‘A-driga’ alias ‘stinging nettle’ which one not dare brush against.  The Nonna’s  also knew which pleasant plant could combat the undesirables, to reverse its toxicity etc.  But Mum said that her Father was the best at it.

So it saddened me just recently to read in the weekend paper (Sunday Times), a great article written by Liam Bartlett where the weed control contractors were about to be let loose both on farms and council verges ahead of season, spraying known cancer causing chemicals on these herbs.

Driving to work in this last week I noticed a herbicide contractor poisoning the edible herb ‘Fleabane’ ('a Ruthda').  Along this same road verge last year were copius amounts of green leafy ‘Wild Broccoli’

But why go to all this trouble anyway when as my kids say (why r u collectn weeds when u can get  stuff at the supermarket).  Really!?  So I retort with “did you know that Dandelion is the most nutritious herb ever tested by the U. S. Ag. Dept. containing amongst other vitamins and minerals the rare Vitamin K.  Would you believe me if I said the herb is associated with a long and healthy life”.  “You can get vitamins from the health shop dad”!   O-K I rest my case. 

So when winter sets in and the sun is weaker and the days get shorter, these special dark green plants filled with chlorophyll will rise out of the ground and be in abundance.  I will collect them from my back yard and office as I was taught by my nanna and as my children see me do.  I will collect wild lettuce, dandelion, milk thistle, and fleabane from known places where I know poisonous chemicals have not been used. 

 Just on that point I have an Elder flower bush at the front of my office and throughout Spring it flowers profusely.  So I collected the fragarant white flowers and made some tea.  Little did I know (till my staff googled same) that the stems attached to the flowers are toxic.  I did what Nonna and Mum taught and that was to spit on the inside of my wrist and rub a small sample of flowers.  If in 5 minutes there is no adverse reaction/allergy then it is safe to ingest/steep.  But when I went to put the collection in the pot, I inadvertently (carelessly) included some stems.  Luckily I sipped small amounts, the tea tasted pleasant enough but the sensation on my lips was not so. Within 5 minutes I started to feel nauseas so I stopped and had milk and luke warm water instead to flush out the toxicity I was experiencing.  As a result my staff on my last birthday purchased me “The Weed Forager’s Handbook”.  It serves as a guide to edible and medicinal weeds in Australia.  I can relate to most of the items written especially the forward written by the Greek, Costa Georgiadis.  Excellent informative read guys.

I taught myself herbal medicine as a side hobby when nearing my degree completion in 1984 as apart from the Law, Accounting was pressing the boring meter.

The importance here is to beat the sprayers and collect any edible herbs before the poisons are unleashed. 

If you are not sure do not forage.

(03/04/2020) The Super Foods:

For general well-being and Immunity.


Bee Pollen (finer the better)

Burdock (root)

Chamomile (leaves and flowers)

Dandelion (entirety including the root, esp. the yellow flowers-mini suns)


Lemons (Vitamin C, the super fruit, juice, pulp and skin)

Lemon Myrtle (Australian Native, leaves and essential oil)

Liquorice (the root)

Nettles (leaves of the Stinging)

Oranges (Vitamin C, juice, pulp and skin)

Tea Tree Oil

Urine (your own)

Vitamin B17 (the much-maligned vitamin)

Walnuts (mini brains)

Wormwood (the harvested leaves and root)

Zinc (supplement may be easier)

You can research the above at your leisure, and learn as I did back 35 years ago, whilst studying my Bachelors Degree.

In time I will explain why I have so much faith in the above.  If we live closer to Mother Nature, we should not fear her Hand.


Why is Chine bullying Australia? 

Because Australia was one of the first to ask for an "open and accountable investigation of the Covid-19 start and spread".

Not the first. 

I believe that in my readings, America or the USA, via President Trump, was the first to question the "World Health Organizations blessing for the re-opening" of the "Wuhan Wet Markets". 

Which just happen to be within a stone's throw of a Infectious Diseases Laboratory run by the Chinese Military and sanctioned by the Chinese Communist Party!

Too many coincidences for my mind.

You must believe me, when I say that the Chineses Communist Party, does not care if 250,000 of its citizens die in a pandemic! 

It has 1.4 billion (1,394,015,977 to be precise) Citizens.  And is more concerned with suppressing skirmishes on its eastern border with India ( 1,326,093,247 Citizens), near Kashmir.

More to come.

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