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The likes of “Yes Minister” and “Faulty Towers” immediately spring to mind.  Sometimes you could be excused for thinking that what has happened on the screen is mirroring in our daily lives. 

But at tax payers expense!


This is the last time I will write on ‘Politics’ because our ‘Mother Earth’ needs us more!


On the eve of yet another vote by the British Parliament, we are led to believe by Brussels writer, Gordon Rayner that Boris Johnson is urging his fellow MP’s to ‘vote against’ Mrs. May’s latest deal sanctioned by the EU! 

I really do not think that the divorce bill is on anybody’s radar at the moment, but it is said to dwarf approx. 39 billion pounds or 72 billion dollars, as a result of the continued delays. 

Why not agree with the latest sanctioned EU points that Mrs. May will put to parliament overnight our time.

I ask, who needs enemies when a supposed ally, himself a champion of Brexit acts in this fashion!

Honestly, if Mr Johnson does get up, who I might add calls Mr. Donald Trump a friend (no thanks)

Mr Johnson is against both ‘the deal and a delay’, but instead to force the remaining 27 member states of the EU to come to the table when it’s leaders meet again on March 21.  (Good Luck with that one “Mr Prince of Ideology”)


Mr. Corbyn in my opinion needs to show leadership and bipartisanship and help Mrs. May meet the revised Irish border deal As this is the only major stumbling point that requires consideration. and give those that did vote for Brexit (just over 50%) an acceptable avenue from Europe.

Lessons to be learnt, were echoed by ex Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently of the 17.4 million people who voted is not enough!!  And hence it’s divisive by nature and may I remind the British Parliament that there has already been a death of a member in the campaign lead up back in 2016. Mrs Helen Joanne Cox, being a member of the Labour Party, and a supporter of the “remain campaign”, for those with short memories!


And who will gain in a failed and burning Europe, you may ask.  As  this is the question one should ask (as the dark clouds will linger over this continent for a very long time, is what I saw).

The EAST of course, as always, rubbing their hands with glee!



In my eyes Cardinal Pell was rightly convicted and it should not come as a shock.  For his supporters in the ‘West’ recently both Ms. Devine and Mr. Bolt, I say this:

 In my eyes, what no supporter will ever be able to defend is Cardinal Pell being (if nothing else, an “accessory after the fact”) in charge at the time of the many offences and the duty of disclosure that he came under by not advising the authorities of allegations against his clergy! 

To deny this fact, is to accept that our children were mis-stating the truth, and their stories and experiences are less important than the Catholic Church.  And I for one, will not stand for the Catholic church at the expense of our many abused children.

There are a good many Christians and Catholics worldwide, not only shocked, but now looking for action and guidance, and I feel this will determine who stays or changes faith.

When I explained to my father, re what had happened.  He related to me about a local Sicilian Padre and why this would not happen in Sicily (he did mention farmers pigs).  But this is a story I will keep for another day.


I asked my staff with their knowledge if they would assist, in creating a list of influential and hence powerful women 'in our collective time' which we felt could be emulated in various fields and life experiences.  They came up with the following, some of which I had in my list:

Margaret Thatcher                                                           Malalah                                                                                                Turia Pitt

Nancy Wake - "the white mouse"                                Whoppi Goldberg                                                                               Fiona Wood

Oprah Winfrey                                                                  Theresa May                                                                                        Terri Irwin


Later I publish my list.

My contribution to this list is as follows and in no particular order.

Bronwyn Bishop                                                                Michaelia Cash                                                                                  Cheryl Kernot

Joan Kirner                                                                          Fiona Stanley                                                                                     Alannah MacTiernan     Sharyn McCaskey                                                              Madeleine King                                                                                 Mother Teresa 

Carol Adams                                                                       Pauline Hanson                                                                                 Angela Merkel



We have some good local women that I am proud of!

In my eyes Jeremy Corbyn will go down in history as the fool who whispered the wrong words, whilst the cameras were filming, and then could not own up to it!!!!

Not only Silly but Gutless. 

It was the 19th of December, 2018.  And why ANY ladies or women would still want to vote for him knowing this fact, says even less for those women and ladies if there are any?

He will not stand by Theresa May, but I am hoping that the rest of his Labour party will, going forward. 

Otherwise they will all be part of a "sinking ship".


POLITICS:  If I asked you to remove the oil in your cars sump and replace it  with ocean water for the purpose of stabilisation, you would rightly ignore me?  Then let us ask the question of the Oil and Gas Industry, and why this practice still persists today!  Finally, this week an article about a prior diesel spill in Busselton and why we should not blow air and chemicals in the bowels of Mother Earth, for the sake of Fracking.  Our mighty Sun is having the last laugh and many times I wonder whether the human species is morally fit to inhabit Mother Earth.  Remember what I said in earlier writings about a pot of water boiling from the bottom up, and in the process creating steam.

- The real reason why China has gone to the dark/far side of the moon, and this weeks revelation of the intentional sabotage of the International Space Station.  Are these occurrences related?

(13/12/2018-Thursday) (since putting together this piece late last night Theresa May has won her internal Party Vote by 63%.  200 for 117 against of a possible 317 total votes.

The British Parliament was about to put to the sword 40 years of experience in Theresa May.  Through no fault of her own!  The British People having decided in June 2016 to leave the Union, now need to deliver an Exit Plan that is accepted by the European Union! 

Boris Johnson in my eyes, will go down in history as the biggest Ideological Clown ever allowed to be produced and heard by British Politics.  He will never put himself forward as a Viable Alternative Prime Minister, but rather cause and watch the spill of his leaders blood

for self gratification.  And for the remaining members of Theresa May's Parliament who are not standing by her, well let me say that you give new meaning to the title 'Judas'!

Theresa May you have my full support, and I do not envy your role going forward.  You delivered a great unifying speech last night and I above all admire your steadfast resolve to your principles.  Above all I admire any politician who can quote St. Francis of Assisi.

"Let those who denounce you - step forward in your shoes, if they are able to fill them!  Rather they, along with the commentators I must say, continue to screech dissent from the sidelines, their criticism, without constructive and meaningful dialogue.  Much like Hypocrites.



The Empowerment of Women:  As 2018 draws to a close, UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, in my eye's stands out as one who ought to be emulated.  Her courage and strength of late to bring the EU to accept the UK's separation terms after two tries is remarkable. 

Today marks the start of 5 days of parliamentary sittings and debate in the UK parliament, before the December 11 vote. This fete without her Brexiteer men, is attractive to men like me who understand! 

The head of the EU has made it clear MR Boris Johnson! - there is no other alternative.

For those who have followed my Blog, I did write in February 2018 of Numerology/Astrology, that the 11Master number and the 2 Universal Life Path number are related culminating in the year of Patience, Decisions and Rhythm     

Because of the “She - Hera”, to be a lady, woman, or mother, whom normally display the attributes of Patience, Decisions and Rhythm, more-so than men.

The men and women who have abandoned the May government are now enshrined in history's scrolls.

Earlier still before the 'Yes' vote that was championed by the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, I did write on:

(22/6/2016-Wednesday)Brexit and the European Union:  That this would be a dark day. 

The only other alternative is for another referendum "To Remain in the Union".

And the "Richard Cranium Award" in my eyes for 2018 does not go to Boris Johnson. 

He has been edged out over night by HOST/DJ - Martin Solveig for suggesting that first time female winner of the Ballon d'Or Award, Ms. Ada Hegerberg of women's soccer/football perform the 'twerk' dance on stage. 

Honestly are some men so threatened by women that they have to stoop to embarrassing lows to inflate their EGO'S?

Our Sue Jauncey of Pulse Global, is also a powerful woman who with the right men beside her are championing the case for women in deserved situations!

I will also in time mention other powerful women in positions of influence and some are in our immediate area! 


POLITICS:  Great speech by Theresa May overnight.  You have my full support!  See Politics.  And all this, on the eve of Angela Merkel leaving German Politics, and the USA about to impeach their first President.

POLITICS: "The Empowerment of Women"- Why we should revere strong and courageous women like Theresa May.  And the "Richard Cranium Award for 2018" goes to????

October and November 2018:

Pulse Australasia is up for a number of awards in the month of November 2018.  As Sue Jauncey is back in the UK assisting Pulse UK, Allan Langridge, Chief Financial Officer will be attending the "Optus Business Awards in Sydney" on Friday the 9th of November.  I have been invited, along with Stephen Becsi, Chris Gorman and Andrew Cutler to the "CEO Magazine Executive of the Year Awards" in Sydney on Wednesday the 21st of November. So I am very sorry in getting the awards mixed up. 

My dates of travel have been determined as Monday the 19th through to Thursday 22nd November.

If we are successful then a live hook up with the UK and Sue is planned.  As she will have a very important guest with her.



“Brexit men stand by your Brexit women” or get out of the UK, say I: 

Can I ask a silly question?  Where is Boris Johnson when Brexiteers need him the most?

As the ex-Mayor of London he was, back then, the leading leave campaigner for “Brexit” 

The current shenanigans would be laughable if not serious! 

The “Theresa May Conservative Government” has been ripped apart since mid July with the resignations of four MP’s Mr. Davis, Mr. Johnson (himself), Ms. Caulfield and Mr. Bradley because of what the ‘May Government’ inherited after David Cameron stood down, a supporter of the ‘stay campaign’.

European leaders have recently voted against the latest exit proposal offered by the ‘May Government’.  The latest urgency being echoed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel with next month’s October EU summit being the make-or-break moment.

With the current UK Labour Opposition bowing to pressure from their constituents requesting a  new Referendum , so that the UK, can stay within the European Union. 

The sad point about this vote at the time, was that London voted to stay in at 59.94%.  The highest vote to leave outside of London was 59.11% in the West Midlands.  As a young Uni student of the eighties, I would enjoy listening to UK band ‘Pet Shop Boys’ and their hit ‘West End Girls’.

How could Britons get this vote so wrong!

And If I may steal a line from yestayear and a formidable Australian Labour leader “Well may we say God save the Queen because nothing will save Boris Johnson”


On examination by an Assistant Commissioner of the Banking and Financial Services Royal Commission in tonight's "ABC 7.30 Report".  An Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) representative, after turning a shade of 'crimson' denied the statement made that:

           "If ASIC had done it's job properly, there would be no need for this Royal Commission".

Having an Enforceable Undertaking (and Media release) against my name, courtesy of ASIC, which my staff are now helping me celebrate, I have no problem with answering this question.

In my eyes and experience the Australian Securities and Investment Commission is nothing but a:

                                              "Limp wristed, premature, school yard bully which only picks fights it can win"


Because in my case;

-there were only 13 clients of 19 total which ASIC concentrated on.  6 which were my family.

-none of these 13 clients had ever lodged a complaint against me.

-ASIC field officers tried to coerce some of the more vulnerable clients (single mothers from Rockingham whom I was assisting) into making "negative statements" against me.

I retained all but one of those 13 clients, that ASIC tried to shut me down from.  However, no longer able to work in the area of financial services and represent my clients. 

So because of this I am pursuing action against ASIC for redress.  My staff have already made submission to the Royal Commission.

And I will not let this matter rest until I am satisfied.

You can help if you wish by as simple as writing to your Federal Member of Parliament and requesting in your letter that you are not satisfied with the revelations coming out of the Royal Commission in so far as they relate to the "limp wristed, fight picking corporate regulator", that is ASIC.  In that letter you can state that as a tax paying citizen you want your hard earned tax dollars to be redirected from ASIC to the Health Budget and providing more hospital beds.


State Administrative Tribunal hearing on behalf of our client, Take two.  The first hearing last week went well and is best summed up by our new client and his partner:

          "Dear Joseph, thanks so much for all your support and kindness to Richard.  I think it is the first time he is strong enough to face his family as he has the support and skill of a caring team.  You have been very kind to him.  Thanks so much".


Well, well, well,!  The chickens are finally coming home to roost!  Page 18 of today's West Australian newspaper "Advice chief faints on stand" shows Mr Terry McMaster, of Dover Financial Advisers my Licensee as an Authorised Representative.  The gentleman who collapsed at the Royal Commission yesterday.  His brother Adrian is pictured with him on the right of the photo.  I found Adrian to be very helpful as the Chief Executive Officer of Dover Financial Training Pty Ltd, whilst I was completing my Diploma of Financial Services.  Before being recruited by Dover Financial Advisers Pty Ltd and Dover Financial Services.

I am not embarrassed to say that apart from the first week where I was anxious about the Commission's Findings; I, since the latest revelations about the chances given and afforded to others, been upset to the point of not sleeping and have shed many tears.  The same considerations have not been forthcoming to many others whom ASIC have chosen to pursue and crucify. 

How can the general public and citizens of this great nation have any faith in the "powers to be" when such blatant bias continues to run rampart? Another example of taking care of and protecting the "boys" who are "in bed together".                                                              Maybe this will be the beginning of Australian's no longer putting up with "crap" that has gone unnoticed in the past.  For example the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse where this was ignored and hidden from the public for many years.

I will now pursue the Insurance Council of Australia and ASIC as well as the current Royal commission for redress with the help of my staff.    

I cannot do this alone as I keep breaking down.


I am not embarrassed to say that my flavour of the month will be Ms. Rowena Orr, counsel assisting Royal Commissioner Mr. Kenneth Hayne.  YES! The Royal Commission into the banking sector has commenced.  Her body language alone suggests that she is "not taking any prisoners".  I sincerely hope that ASIC takes a leaf out of Ms. Orr's book.  On her first day revealing fraud when grilling a NAB official.

"Go Girl"!  You have my full support.

I wish I was in Melbourne at the moment for the hearings!


I have also resigned from the Catalpa Homeless Foundation, as of yesterday, which was quite sad for me,  but ended my day at my favourite beach, of Waikiki, which ended up being great! 

Don't panic folks, I will not be leaving this Homeless space as I have forged many friendships along the journey.  And just to let a little 'cat out of the bag', about a month prior to joining Catalpa I managed to secure with the authorities the name "Homeless Shelters Australia"

Yes!  I finally met with Simon Rowe of Sleep-Bus.  As Jonathon Shapiera of SWAHP Rockingham, requests a write-up of my field notes for the benefit of 'Bunbury Homeless'.  As synergies and net-working start to deliver results in this Homeless arena.


"OUR BEST ATTACK OR RESTRAINT FROM SAME COMES FROM AN EVEN STRONGER CONSTITUTION OF DEFENCE"! Feeling of Joseph since May 2016.  Our trade ties with India, the largest democracy in the world and fellow Commonwealth Ally must expand if we are to maintain peace and harmony in this region of the World. 

Over the years the western world's insatiable appetite for everything Chinese, may cause us to belch for quite some time yet!



It's my Mother's birthday today.  She has turned 76.  I spoke to my daughter albeit for a short period, and she was happy. 

And I wish it had remained a happy day. 

Till Heather (early 40's) in her early model Pajero turned into our driveway.  She said that she had phoned a homeless agency in the City and they had given her our address.  As our office is also the current address of the Catalpa Homeless Foundation Ltd.

The World needs to know!

My staff tried a few places including the "Lucy Saw Women's Refuge Centre" in Rockingham, and the only refuge that would take her overnight was a location in Northbridge.  Heather did not have the fuel required in her car to make the trek to Northbridge.  A share facility in Mandurah would put her up for $150.00 a week.  But she is uncertain about this facility.

She is frightened about spending the night at the beach carparks, where the majority of the homeless people in our community end up.

So I have offered Heather the safety of the JPA driveway during the night time hours and to use JPA facilities during daytime hours when staff are in attendance.

Heather was happy with this.

Thank you Mr. Agustin Carstens.  The General Manager of the 'Bank for International Settlements', a Swiz. based institution. 

Reuters Staff communique "Central banks must act against 'Ponzi scheme' cryptocurrencies - BIS head", dated 06/02/2018. 

For agreeing with me (see my FLIPS write up below dated Friday 02/02/2018).  'Ponzi scheme' is the official title given to all 'Pyramid Selling Schemes'.  Which first came to light in USA in the 1920's, by Italian born swindler Carlo Ponzi.

As I said earlier, now is not the time to vent against our corporate regulator - ASIC.

The learned people are asking about 'the investment potential of bitcoin'.  I would have thought this is the best starting point of any corporate regulator/protector of investors.

Mr. Carstens mentions a possible 'register of investors', as a starting point

What was that I hear you say.  "some people in places of authority may challenge this"?

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