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When our client of 24 years (Mr. Stephen Becsi - Order of Australia Medal) asked for our assistance,  of course JPA


Accounting obliged. 

We should all be proud that the Algorithms and Maths for the above organisation was developed in Rockingham.  Two


long time colleagues one from Waikiki, the other from Warnbro came together to solve costing through culture in the


Australian Naval Defence Force.  One a Naval Accountant, the other a Forensic Psychologist pooled their collective


knowledge, and so did sprout this seed.

This knowledge once gained was then again tested on the 'local nursing home industry', with exceptional results.

Our first port of call overseas was the UK and it's NHS.  And will soon be expanded to other countries throughout

our network, but we cannot mention which countries just yet!

If you have a culture problem in your organisation that is effecting your bottom line costing,  then a visit from a Pulse


Executive may be warranted. 


Whether it be 'Volkswagon' with it's exposed emissions cover up, Australian Cricket, or the


Banking sector as exposed by the current Royal Commission, then Pulse is ready to assist.

And Below:

Mr. Stephen Becsi and I enjoying a Bean and Chorizo soup with shared Bruschetta - lunch at the Clipper Cafe in




Dr. Brett Davies!

From: Brett Davies []
Sent: Tuesday, 30 January 2018 3:58 PM
Subject: Brett Davies running for UWA Senate


Dear Joseph,


I hope you are keeping well.

I have put my hat in the ring and am running for The University of WA Senate.

Every person that graduated from UWA is an automatic member of Convocation and is entitled to vote.

Given your influence in the community, I was hoping you can speak to any persons that went to UWA, Joseph.

My C/V is here:

The Ballot papers will arrive this week. If any of your UWA friends didn't get a ballot paper they can request one by emailing: Tim Jones 1300 042 808


This is a big favour to ask. Thank you, Joseph.


Kind regards,


Adjunct Professor, Dr Brett Davies,  CTA, AIAMA, BJuris, LLB, LLM, MBA, SJD

Mobile:       0477 796 959

Direct:        08 6389 0400


Oh Brett!

Mate I’m always well, swimming every day.

It is always a pleasure to spread the word and give you a hand.


Also hope you and yours are well.

If I don’t here back from you then I will take the liberty of posting your request on the “Notice Board” of my “Web Page Blog”

Good luck my friend and even longer time colleague.


“Come on all you UWA graduates, that may be entertaining yourselves on my Blog.

Get behind this great pro-active man as he propels his way to the UWA senate ticket”.





PS:  And I am forever inviting you down to our Beautiful City of Rockingham for a free meal you tight fisted Lawyer!!



Joseph Paterniti & Associates
Business Law Accountants

123 Read Street Rockingham  WA 6168

PO Box 226
Rockingham WA 6168

Phone: (08) 9527 3070


In​ the Blue Lunar month of July 2015 (Our 21st birthday) the firm unveiled this Web page


Special thanks for this creation must go to our previous employee Monica.  Mon was also born into the practice (alias


snotty). Her late mother Angela (deceased 2009) bringing her in her arms from an early age along with older sister Jessica


(autistic).  So our Mon. has had to endure a great deal in her short life so far.  Mon assisted the practice for approx.18


months and also had to replace a previous assistant during the busy period. Monica has since moved  to the Property and


Real Estate sector. 


She remains a client (and pain) of the practice.

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