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(16/12/2016-Friday) For the Love of Humanity and Common Decency:

Will be the title of this new ‘Homeless Foundation’ section which I am most excited about.  You know that very unusual feeling at the end of a long struggle and closing doors (it’s too hard Joseph).  Well, because of my never give up attitude (thanks to my Dad and Mentor that I love so much and more of him later) and the ArchAngels (more of them later) that keeping whispering in my ears.


Wellllllll remember these following names for now:


Mr. Michael Kiernan – ‘Rotary Club Of Rockingham Homeless Project’. (the Captain.  Ex mining and transport giant of WA).  A lot of people would not remember him, till 5 minutes in my rooms and I gasped as my memory (my gift as well as my curse) did remember who this man was in a previous lifetime.

Ms. Danielle Healey – Lawyer - (S.C.A.L.E.S  Community legal centre Rockingham office)


Ms. Maria Paradisis (now there is a nice surname ‘of paradise’) Senior Manager at Pitcher Partners - Accountants (Melbourne Office don’t know why – as organised by the Captain). So now next week when I am with the possum I will meet with Ms. Paradisis to set up ‘the Foundation’.  Sorry the name must be kept a secret for now!

UnitingCare-West – Pathways. As Case Managers.

Town Planner – Yet to be appointed.

Psychologist/Sociologist – Yet to be appointed.


This exciting Homeless Foundation yet in its infancy will be created to be an ‘Accommodation Facilities Provider’ only.  Its operation will be assisted by the above parties, working together.

If the initial resource which is to be set up in Rockingham or Kwinana (yet to be canvassed) operates successfully then the plan will be to bring it to other capital cities, starting with our partners in Melbourne.  Here’s hoping and wishing hard!

And sorry the Captain said not to say anymore at this stage.

(20/12/2016-Tuesday) Homeless Meeting:

Hi Michael,
Hope all is well in Rockingham.  I met with Maria and Redmond of Pitcher Partners at their offices in William street central Melbourne this morning.
The meeting went well.
Maria did hand me a copy of the Constitution, which she has forwarded to you by email.  It is the basic form of Constitution which is provided on the 'Not-for-Profit Charitable Institutions' application and which I am familiar with as a result of my ongoing involvement with the 'Rockingham Alzheimer's Association'.
Also because of Maria's past involvement with 'N.f.P.C.O.' in Melbourne, the reason for her involvement over Perth.  As I mentioned back in Rockingham, going forward this is a better outcome for the Foundation as it creates synergies between my organisation - JPA, Pitcher Partners and the homeless foundation. 
They were both excited about the prospect of being involved in the setting up of a Homeless Accommodation Shelter in Melbourne, if and when this first Shelter is successful in our Kwinana/Rockingham area.
More importantly Maria has already extended the 'Objects' of the Foundation, from the basic provided.  I will examine in full the Constitution tonight.  But mention to you at this stage that I also contributed a clause to the 'Objects', so that the death of Michelle Losurda 34 back in 2014 at lake Richmond does not pass in vain.
I'm sure you will agree.
So one of the Object points (maybe no.2) of the Constitution will be remembered as the 'Losurda 34 Mission' and “shall provide and serve as a refuge (‘of last resort'- say) where the homeless people once accepted, for whatever circumstances cannot move on, can stay and pass with human dignity without the threat of a move-on notice or eviction and not die on a lake (as Michelle did), or a park bench or a street gutter.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mr. Simon Rowe the Sleep-bus convener for the homeless has yet to contact me.
If through your experience you have any concerns about the Constitution, 'speak up now or forever hold your peace'.  Please let Maria or myself know ASAP, as yes yes her next job is to incorporate the 'Foundation'. 

I believe they will attempt this before going on Xmas leave.  Which I know is music to your ears.

More for later.


Joseph Paterniti. 


Hello Michael.

Simon Rowe operator/convenor of returned my call 9.35am this morning.  He invited me to his Mt. Macedon location where I could view the first Sleepbus near complete.  On a good day this location is 45minutes north west from Melbourne central (somewhere behind Tullamarine Airport).  Being Xmas I was never going to make this invitation as he was also conducting interviews this afternoon.

The stalling for his organisation in the last month has been his attempts to get local councils on-board, to view his vision/acceptance.  This is a very important step as the local community know full well where their homeless people usually congregate .  We will all endure this problem going forward I feel. The only reason I know is because of my early morning routine, and my involvement with the S.O.U.L soup kitchen.

However he mentioned the following points which I feel are positives:

  • Partnering with bus companies to procure and maintain buses for the homeless cause.  Obviously with his org’s. decals on the side along with major sponsors.

  • Within the month appearing on the morning ‘7-Sunrise’ program to get his message out.

      A quick call from you to him (as Chairman), espousing the creation of our Foudation and our association going forward, I feel would not         go astray.But you may have other thoughts/reservations

  • He hopes trials of the Sleep Bus to commence in winter of 2017.

  • Once fully operational he expects to deliver a Bus per month on average.

We agreed to postpone this meeting till Easter of 2017, when I am back in Melbourne.  Unless I return earlier for any reason.  

By that stage our Homeless Foundation should be well and truly up and running.



Joseph Paterniti





The Catalpa Homeless Foundation Limited was formed by a group of concerned Rockingham/Kwinana community members who, with the help of established organisations and professionals, intend to address gaps in the system for those without homes. The Foundation is based on Christian values.

The group will focus on addressing shortfalls in a tangible and practical way by providing:

Catalpa Park

  • An authorised designated safe parking and sleeping area equipped with ablutions, laundry facilities and community centre for meeting and networking

  • Emergency, short to medium term accommodation


Catalpa Helpstart

  • A Case Management Outreach program partnering and funding UnitingCare West Pathways Program to go out into the community amongst those living rough to provide counselling and continuous ongoing support


Catalpa Workstart

  • Partnering and funding an existing specialised employment agency to help prepare those without homes to find the right job together with providing ongoing monitoring and guidance


Catalpa Freshstart

  • Partnering and funding an existing specialised rehabilitation agency for helping those with alcohol and drug addictions together with providing ongoing monitoring and guidance


Our group is keen to meet and investigate the possibility of developing an association whereby the Foundation may fund an Employment Consultant with specific duties focusing on the homeless sector.

The Catalpa Homeless Foundation Incorp. is currently seeking Deductible Gift Recipient Nomination (DGRN).  This is proving the most time consuming.  But once awarded, the foundation can go along with it's mission of raising funds so as to provide safe shelter for the needy.

To do this, one of the Foundations next activities will be to complete it's website, which is currently being constructed and to conduct power point presentations to both the councils of Kwinana and Rockingham.  The aim here is to secure land from which to create the Catalpa Homeless Park.




Having fished my swim my mobile phone bellows out a "FLIPS" message at 8.10am.  Well who the hxxx is Flips says me.  It turns out that it's an invitation to buy "Bitcoin" for $15,000 per unit.  It's at this point that I anger at 'ASIC'.  Yes that's right, at our corporate regulator, the "Australian Securities and Investments Commission", for it's inaction in this "pyramid selling scheme" that has been allowed to flourish!, in our country at least!

Yes you may say that I have an axe to grind.

But now is not the time.

So I composed myself, and continued on with the day.

But I will issue this warning to ASIC. 

Get your house in order, and start punishing the real white collar criminals in society.

Otherwise I for one, and believe you me.  I am all for the Power of One,  will continue to ridicule you in public and tell my federal member of parliament to stop wasting my hard earned taxation dollar money in your upkeep! 

I am especially watching your current action against the CBA with interest! 

The investors of Australia do not want another"out of court Hush Hush settlement" here. 

My demise out of financial services was made public




(09/01/2017-Monday): 2017 and its beginning: This was not great for the people of Istanbul, Turkey.  As a Universal 1 Year in Numerology/Astrology it is meant to be for New Beginnings.  Yet for 39 of their people were slain in cold blood in the early hours of new year’s celebrations. 

This act is one of HATE and if ignored by the western world has the potential to become intergenerational and therefore evilEvil means it is part of that generation’s make-upGenes to be specific for those that need it explained.  As has been and continually is the Middle-East for centuries.

This is why I chose to personally leave the 2016 year on the subject of love, so that I could continue this theme into 2017. 



Because we are in a 1 Universal year, apart from the Master Numbers, of 11, 22 and 33 introduced above, we will concentrate on the number 1. 

Later I am going to introduce/distinguish for you your personal year, by giving you my date of birth as an example.

Also mentioned BELOW in the first edition of Calendar Year 2016, in numerology the alphabet is also reduced to numbers, and we will go there this year.


So let’s start.

January 2017. There are 3 Universal 1 days occurring on the 8th, 17th and 26th Australia Day.

There are also 3 Master Number 11 days.  Occurring on the 9th today - (not the First Full Moon-Thanks Kristy), 18th and 27th.  There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in January 2017.


February 2017. There are 3 U. 1 days, occurring on the 7th, 16th, and 25th.

There are also 3 Master Number 11 days.  Occurring on the 8th, 17th and 26th New Moon. 

There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in February 2017.

Posted/published for the first full moon of 2017 on Thursday 12th. (Thanks to our staff member Kristy for picking up this error - told you they were good!)

March 2017: 

There are 3 U. 1 days, occurring on the 6th (Labour Day), 15th, and 24th.

There are also 3 Master Number 11 days.  Occurring on the 7th, 16th and 25th. 

There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in March 2017.

The Full Moon occurs on Sunday 12th.  Whilst the New Moon occurs on Tuesday 28th.

April 2017: THE FOURTH MONTH. Why 4 is one of my lucky numbers. (To Follow)

There are 3 U. 1 days, occurring on the 5th, 14th (Good Friday), and 23rd.

There are also 3 Master Number 11 days.  Occurring on the 6th, 15th and 24th.

There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in April 2017.

The Full Moon occurs on Tuesday 11th.  Whilst the New Moon occurs on Wednesday 26th.

The Anzac Day commemoration occurs on Tuesday 25th. 

My Red Poppy will be displayed as a mark of respect as I have for many years.  I review this month not only for it's Anzac remembrance but also for the 141 year anniversary to the day, on Easter Monday 17th of the Catalpa escape to freedom.  It means alot to me, but little did I know this in year 5 - Primary school.  I explain why.  Whilst at it, I also review that other Poppy wearing month of November for it's 11,11,11 commemoration. 

Also two more commemorative dates in that month. 

Can you remember what they are?

May 2017:

There are 4 U. 1 days, occurring on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st.

There are also 3 Master Number 11 days.  Occurring on the 5th, 14th and 23rd. 

There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in May 2017.

The Full Moon occurs on Thursday 11th.  Whilst the New Moon occurs on Friday 26th.

In Numerology, today, Saturday the 27th represents a Universal life path number of 6.  It is also the day after the new moon, so Mother Earth is at its darkest.  It will continue to get dark in the southern hemisphere culminating to the shortest day (winter solstice) on June 22nd.  In contrast the northern hemisphere will reach it’s longest day (summer solstice).  The 3 X 1’s reduce to 3.  The 3 X 4’s also reduce to 3.  The final sequence I was seeing was 3 X 5’s.  This reduces to a 6IF you believe that 3 X 6’s are evil and sinister numbers then to finish the above sequence pattern a second six is required.  This may be achieved in the month of June - the sixth month.   There will be 3 X 6 ULP in the month of June.  These will occur on the 8th, 17th, and 26th.  To narrow it down the last of these numbers - 26th – will be the darkest as after the new moon of the 24th.

If anything bad is to happen world wide it may happen in this above period as explained by me.

In Perth, Autumn also ends in May.  We are about to experience a mild winter.  The storms will be more intense, but with less precipitation.  It will be a cold winter, mostly with eerie still like conditions.  And if you haven’t already noticed, Autumn has also come late as the Autumn leaves are still on the trees.  “Nature read correctly will usually reward".  My Olive trees (13 fruiting) for example still have olives on them as the Autumn winds have not been as intense as earlier years to fall them.  And the Figs were also later to fruit.  Which gives me a longer period to cultivate, so I’m not complaining.  That there is Nature's Flora explained.  How about Nature's Fauna.  Well has anyone noticed the amount of Ants out and about lately?  They are literally coming up everywhere, and they themselves are "making hay while the sun shines".  And they won't be going away for quite some time.

In Perth, May has also been reported as the warmest on record.

June 2017:

There are 4 U. 1 days, occurring on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th.

There are also 3 Master Number 11 days.  Occurring on the 4th, 13th and 22nd. 

There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in June 2017.

The Full Moon occurs on Friday 9th.  Whilst the New Moon occurs on Saturday 24th.


(21/06/2017-Wednesday) Inter-Stella Romance:

For the Star Gazers amongst us, and Dazza is one of them (he will be happy at the moment as his Melbourne Demons are on a winning streak), there is a beautiful inter-stella romance happening in the Eastern sky at the moment, just before sunrise (5am to 6.45am).  Cloud cover permitting, you do not need a telescope.  In full view for the last 3 mornings.  The remnant 1/16th moon has been trying it’s hardest to entice Venus, the morning star.  Just before it disappears completely to form a new moon.  I have had business in the northern suburbs so have been swimming at the Bicton Baths/pool.  And let me tell you there is nothing better than witnessing this romance happening above the Swan river, looking Eastwood, doing backstroke, in Artisan heated pool water.  Look for my latest write up on Trip Advisor.

They are so close it looks cute and romantic.  Well I think so.

My Latest Subconscious Vision (Not a dream.  There is a big difference).  Whilst down south last week Wednesday night/Thursday morning 15th (6) I awaken to a message from my long time neighbour and friend Mr. Eric Lumbers (dec.) and put pen to paper.  This may make the hackles on the back of your neck stand to attention (and if that does not then I have other experiences that I will share in time.  Including clocks and speedos stopping etc.).  Don’t worry I have photos of everything for the non-believers.  And also why I did not swim over to Sugar-Loaf Rock as planned weeks before.  I am also praying for no more innocent lives to be lost to the hands of terrorists, especially in this 6th month of June.  Thank you to ‘Jackson McDonald’ for not contesting the will but instead allowing me as trustee to defend/administer his Last Will and Testament.  


Mr. Eric Ashton Lumbers was born on the 27th May 1930 in Eckington, England. 

As he described it a small picturesque country town not too far from Sheffield, England.  The son of a ‘Wheeler and Dealer’, as distinct from a ‘Rag and Bone Man’, he used to say.  Whatever commodity it was Eric’s father Illing Lumbers, a Porter by occupation would bring home chickens, rabbits, pigeons, lambs and on-sell them.

Eric lost his beloved older brother in a ‘turned colon’ at the tender age of six.  From then on Eric was on his own, with his rabbits (earning the nickname ‘Bunny Lumbers’ from an early age), as his mother Lillian suffered from severe depression.

He always made a point of these events, and then only ever showing me his emotional side.

In his late teens he joined the English Merchant Navy to experience and ‘see’ the World, and only came ashore at Gibraltor on news that his mother had passed.  He started his training in the Electrical Trades, whilst he was in the Navy, and fully qualified once he left and worked in some of the largest Dams in England maintaining their pumps and pumping stations.

He married his beloved Phyllis Edith Jarrett on the 9th April, 1952 in Kent England, and had two children Janet, February 1953, and James, December 1955.

He later migrated to South Australia.  “AND NOT AS A 10 POUND POM”, he would constantly declare to me.

Eric was never grey, but always staunch black or white.  He declared himself a non-believer of all the religions, labeling himself a ‘Atheist’ from our earliest ‘tea’ meetings of the late 90’s

He moved in next door to my office when he purchased 121 Read Street, 6 months after I purchased 123 Read street to establish my practice.

I guess we agreed on one thing and that is that Religion has always been at the centre of worldwide conflict.

I asked him about his own “spiritual beliefs”, non-religious.  To which he answered early on.  “you mean football, meat pies, kangaroo’s and holden cars”?   The ‘Central Districts - Bulldogs Football Club in ‘Elizabeth’, South Australia as Club president and his long suffering Fremantle Dockers Football Club, being his declared religion

Attending all home games with his wife Phyllis. They be-friended Bruce and his wife from Myalup and would regularly meet at Subiaco Oval for the football.  I was introduced to Bruce in 2002/3 at Subiaco Oval.  Eric lost his beloved first wife Phyllis in 2005, at which point he lost considerable weight and became gaunt.

He remained a loyal foundation club member, attending all home games at Subiaco Oval until his failing vision and ailing health in 2012.

My long-time neighbour and friend Eric passed on Monday the 25th, May 2015 whilst I was on a  business trip in Melbourne. 

It was also the start of “Macular Degeneration week”, to which he would leave the majority of his estate.

As his nominated executor it was my fiduciary role to defend his “Last Will and Testament”.  

ERIC'S VISION TO ME (Published 02/11/2017-All Souls Day)

My long time friend and Eric came to me in my sleep in the early hours (0.30mns past midnight) of Thursday morning 15/06/2017.  This is the time I woke (to write my notes of what we shared) to check my bed-side watch.

Whenever I write ‘about this dimension’ I always write in ‘point’ form.  With the Legal Drafting skills taught to us at Uni.                      We were taught to write in short concise points.  To not use big words (unless you wanted to confuse your audience, which was fun from time to time as we would introduce the ‘fine print’ and waffle-on).

My youngest son Christopher and I were walking along a road heading for the front doors of a hotel/apartment building.

But they were shut tight and we could not get in.

So we retreated back up the road from where we came.

Eric was sitting outside a rear access door on a staircase/ramp landing of this hotel/apartment complex.

He walked down to greet me, only after I looked up to acknowledge his presence.

He had a hoodie on to cover his head.

He took this off his head the moment he felt I could see him.

As we know from above Eric passed on Monday the 25th day of May 2015.

Astonished and excited at seeing my neighbour of 17 years, I quickly asked my son if he could see Eric.

Chris said no.

I could see Chris’s eyes searching around for Eric’s spirit.

Eric and I were in outstretched arms, overhead, up high.  Doing a circular rolling action with our wrists.

As one does when newly married couples leave their wedding and the arch is formed.

Eric was leading in a clockwise ritual movement that continued for ¾ of the circle only.

Chris was still searching and looking up at my hands in this ritual movement, but could not see Eric.

He could only see me.​

Eric never spoke.

He looked about 30yrs younger than when I last spoke to him in 2015.  How he wanted me to remember him from photos that both Eric and Phyllis had shown me over the many cups of tea we had.

July 2017:

There are 4 ULP. No. 1 days, occurring on the 2nd, 11th, 20th. and 29th.

There are also 4 Master Number 11 days.  Occurring on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th. 

There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in July 2017.

The Full Moon occurs on Sunday 9th (brightest sky).  Whilst the New Moon occurs on Sunday 23rd (darkest sky).

August 2017:

There are 4 ULP. No. 1 days, occurring on the 1st, 10th, 19th. and 28th.

There are also 2 Master Number 11 days.  Occurring on the 2nd, 20th. Confusing as the 11th and 29th reduce to 2.

There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in this month.

The Full Moon occurs on Tuesday 8th (brightest sky).  Whilst the New Moon occurs on Tuesday 22nd (darkest sky).

September 2017:

There are 3 ULP. No. 1 days, occurring on the 9th, 18th. and 27th.

There are no Master Number 11 days in this month.

There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in this month.

The Full Moon occurs on Wednesday 6th (brightest sky).  Whilst the New Moon occurs on Wednesday 20th (darkest sky).


Do you remember when I said that 2018 would be an exciting year for those of us that believe, just a few months back in the Numerology section. 

Well the major reason I feel for this is that it is a Universal 11 year and the first of 3 to present in this next 28 year cycle. 

Why ? ‘Ay Vamos’? – Espanol - will be my Anthem for 2018.  In more ways than one!  I am ordering the office tops to wear as we speak.

2017 has been the start of this next 28 year cycle of our 14 different calendars repeating (you can go back to the start for my explanation of back then, if you feel you cannot grasp this).  2016 was not only the ULP 9, which we were glad to see the back of, but also the appearance of calendar no. 13. 

Superstitious for some believers (not for me). 

The last time the no. 13 calendar occurred was in 1988, a ULP year of 8.  And yes calendar no.13 will occur again in the year 2044 (I shall be 80 going on 81).  Can anybody guess what ULP no. it will be then in 2044.  If you cannot guess then it just means it will take you a bit longer to grasp how numbers work.  For those that said ULP no. 1, then you are correct.  And because of this you have probably deduced that the no. 13 calendar only appears once and therefore non repeating in the 28 year cycles.  So I feel the no. 13 calendar appearing in 2044 will present as a happier state of affairs than what transpired in 2016.  That is of course if Man has not blown himself up by then!

So if u put your thinking caps on the saying "History Repeats Itself" may have some truth to it.  So that the no. 13 calendar as a ULP no. 9, would have transpired back in history 252 years ago.  For those that believe, numerology has a more proper order than Religion. 

And I will prove this over time. 

Remember also the highlighted example I gave of calendar no. 3 (my birth year 1963).  Well this repeats on average every 10 years.

I think that is more than enough for now, as some of you are starting to pull your hair out.

October 2017:


There are 3 ULP. No. 1 days, occurring on the 8th, 17th. and 26th.

There are 3 Master Number 11 daysOccurring on the 9th, 18th and 27th.

There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in this month.

The Full Moon occurs on Friday 6th (brightest sky).  Whilst the New Moon occurs on Friday 20th (darkest sky).

November 2017:

There are 3 ULP. No. 1 days, occurring on the 7th, 16th. and 25th.

There are no Master Number 11 days

There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in this month.

The Full Moon occurs on Saturday 4th (brightest sky).  Whilst the New Moon occurs on Saturday 18th (darkest sky).

Commemorations for the month of November.

Commemoration of Hallowed Evening is the 31st of October which in the Christian calendar has been celebrated as a holy or sanctioned day for centuries as “All Saints Day” which naturally follows on 1st of November.  I personally take this opportunity on this occasion of giving thanks to the Archangels, all seven of them plus one.

 The Americans of course like to commercialise everything, hence the current celebration on Halloween, which the rest of the world like to copy, like Australia and we have the “trick or treat” of today.

As opposed to “All Souls Day” which occurs on the following day of November 2nd.  This day is a commemoration of ‘all the faithful departed’.  It is this that the Mexicans mentioned earlier commemorate as their ‘Day of the Dead Parade’.  Those family and friends close to us that have passed that make up our Ancestral heritage.  I personally have lost a few close to me in this calendar year and will take this opportunity over these next few days of communicating with these spirits as I have done over the years on a dimensional level, and as they present to me via visions.  By this way, allowing me too.

Differing Dimensions can best be described as ‘layers of access’ like sheets of paper as opposed to strands of fibre or optics.  The best way I can describe this is timing or time.  In other words just because an object cannot be seen by the human eye, does not mean it does not exist.   The speed of travel through time, as well as light falling on the object determines whether the human eye will see it.  Hence humans are blessed with more than this one sense of sight.  And some humans, like some animals are blessed with extra sensitivities

Before I leave the other two commemorations for this month are Remembrance day on the 11th of November and the Battle of HMAS Sydney, with the German raider the Kormoran where over 600 lives were lost off Geraldton on the 19th of November,

That is more than enough for one night.  More to follow.

December 2017:
There are 3 ULP. No. 1 days, occurring on the 6th, 15th and 24th

There are 3 Master Number 11 days.  Occurring on the 7th, 16th and 25th(Xmas Day).

There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in this month.

The Full Moon occurs on Monday 4th (brightest sky).  Whilst the New Moon occurs on Monday 18th (darkest sky).





This Mother’s day dedication, I was to write last weekend and is in response to the ‘ABC Landline’ program aired on Sunday 30/04/2017.  I would like to congratulate the ABC for bringing us this story.  As this becomes the folklore and these ladies become the Matriarchs of what comprises the backbone of Australia. 

The biggest farm (3500 hectares//8750 acres//35,000,000 sq. metres) I disappear to, when I need to be on my own spiritually is my cousins farm at Beaufort River in the south west, which is 2.5 hours away.  It is a working abattoir producing grains and sheep.  The reason I bring this up is to show you the scale in comparison to what these three ladies manage in central Queensland.  And I ‘take my hat off’ to them.

60,000 hectares amongst the three of them after losing their husbands to health or farming accidents.

Dedication now completed below.

FATHER’S DAY-Sunday September 3, 2017:

It was intentional that I have left this final dedication till now , the eve of Father’s Day.  The three ladies in question were Anne Ballinger, and her family farm of 14,000 hectares.  Penny Buttons and her family farm of 30,000 hectares, and Ros Wood and her family farm of 16,000 hectares.

Again as a father I take my hat off to these three ladies for staying on their farms and persisting, where many would have walked away esp., after finding their deceased husbands.  In Mrs. Woods’ case she did it all whilst raising 3 daughters, no sons.

And I sincerely hope that they will continue to meet (maybe for Father’s day) and remain helpful friends as they tried to do for mother’s day.  As I remember rightly Ros Wood did not join the race day reunion as she had to attend to and mend a broken farm pump. 

As we celebrate Father’s Day, I for one raise my glass and would say that these three families, are stronger today for making the decision to stay on the land as some also mourned the loss of sons.

Well done ladies for continuing the legacy of that which you all started with your husbands.


The dolphins (at least 3) continue to accompany us regularly of a morning at Waikiki Beach.  Their presence along with a shag or two is comforting.   Although I do need to reassure my older swim buddies (esp. Dennis/Harry and Geoff-the elders of the pack) that they are not sinister fins out there.  And then latter come Deenie, Alan, Jean, Dianne and Betty.  However on the morning of Sunday, 30 April I was roller blading, up at the Bell Street car park and change rooms, Palm Beach.  The C.o.R road sweeper had been that Friday, to clean up the tree branch debris created by the ‘calamitous white cockatoos’.  I was then undecided as to whether I should stay and bathe or move to Waikiki-open water.  I’m glad I stayed on this occasion.  Whilst swimming in the shallows of Palm Beach on my own (apart from a barking dog), was accompanied by a young dolphin.  We spent the next 30 minutes together, and this was grand.  It does not matter that I did not have my ‘Go-Pro’ with me on this occasion.  As there were other by-standers taking footage with their mobile phones.  The dolphin was feeding on white bait in the shallows.  I was trying to mimic his calls under water, but was failing miserably.  It did allow me to get within touching distance, but I did not.  I noticed it had a scar on its right shoulder.  Later in the week I had read in our local newspapers that there had been a 3.5-4.5 metre shark on the southern end of Garden island and wondered if this was the reason why the dolphin was feeding so close in and happy to stay with me for that long.  I did feel privileged as these majestic mammals with a larger ‘cerebral capacity’ than humans, make our morning swim crew feel safe. 

This morning Monday 22/05/2017 (a life path universal 1 day) was better still as there was a mammoth rainbow in Warnbro Sound and smack in the middle were two pods of Dolphins.  This time I did have my ‘Go-Pro’ with me.  So I decided to end my day the same way it began, visiting my favourite beach and thanking the Archangels that flank me for these simple blessings in life.


In the prior 2 months I have held the hand of many passing clients and friends.  On one particular Monday, (May 1, 2017) I had the funeral of my dementia client Anthony, about whom I have spoken prior in this blog, and later that afternoon, the mother of a dear school friend, Lina, who had confided in me, since high school, on most matters growing up-esp. boy friends.  We keep running into each other at high school reunions, and she was responsible in helping me re-locate my first love Francis.  As Francis and I did catch up for coffee on Monday 16th January, 2017.  Lina was happy that she had helped and even more grateful that I had remembered her maiden name and attended the funeral of her mother.  If there is an ounce of fear or doubt in a dying friend, then this ‘BAD’ is my mission to eliminate.  My role is simple, to allay that fear or doubt by relaying my own life experience’s.  If I have had the chance to make a birth day Archangel to prove my point then all the better.  The passing of ‘La Comare’, the previous month is a case in point.  The day before her passing, she was in much pain and I was holding her hand at the nursing home.  Her adult children, were of course crying and saddened, and comforting themselves.  I told her ‘not to fear’, as ‘when the time came’ she would not be alone and the ‘Archangels would surround her spirit’.  Before I had a chance to finish, she replied in a passionate voice, “why would I be frightened”?  To which I punched the air with delight.

 The next morning I was caught up at my doctor’s GP, so as to analyse my blood results.  The appointment was for 9.30am and made a week earlier.  Why is it that Doctor’s can be 30 minutes late, but the rest of us professions have to be on time, and when we are not, have the courtesy to at least apologise.  When my possum phoned me and asked me to get to the nursing home urgently, I told her to be by her grandmother’s side and to hold her hand and that she would emerge from this experience a stronger person.  My possum told me that her Nonna passed away at 11.10am, and yes she was holding her hand.  I had logged a call with my office at 11.11am, but had been in the nursing home car park just outside ‘La Comare’s’ room for over 5 minutes.  I was emptying the car with the stocks of food, for the long stay overnight.  As once arrived, the family members will not leave till the passing.



This call goes out to ‘Dumb and Dumber’.  Now friends and relatives that know me, know that I do not normally reduce to name calling.  But this title befits the pair of you.  How do I know there were two of you that broke into my back yard and took my tools?  Well that part is easy. 

On Wednesday the 17th May, this little piggy had to go to the market to assist with a purchase.  Which was chosen?                            See the Photo’s section.

Also updates to the Photos’ section as per earlier write-ups

Will upload over the next week.  I have misplaced my first Go-Pro SD card, and hoping that it is not lost forever.  So I am upset with myself at the moment.

(16/05/2017-Tuesday) Woke at 5.30 this morning, checked a few files that my Ladies had readied for me.  So I was at Waikiki Beach by 6.30am, the second time only that I have bet Dennis (85) to the water (alias Harry).  The ‘Premier Beach’ in Rockingham according to 87year old Geoff.  It was still dark so I decided to bring my ‘Go- Pro’.  So now I have an erectile mounted on my head, and doing a David Attenborough.  I’m honing in on washed up Blue Bottles with tentacles heaps of Sea Grass, Sword Fish, White Bait and what looked like Sea Snakes-of maybe infant Eel’s, but less than a foot long.  The swell this morning is not as bad as yesterday where I can vouch for it being 4 metres.  It was body surfing only yesterday, and not another soul in sight!  And then to my amasement a Lady (mid twenties ,early 30’s) walking down the ramp, with a humungus welcoming smile.  It is 6.45am by this stage, still no sun-up and amasing because she looks nothing like Harry and nobody ever beats Harry down to the beach. This is the second time only that I have bet Harry into the water!!!!  I don’t know you!  Said good morning - as you do.  We are the only ones on the beach.  So I keep TRYING to do my documentary, and she sits on the beach near the pine bollards, where Harry normally puts his clothes.  That’s ok says me only a sight see’r.  And then as I’m heading towards the surf, the young lady begins to DE-ROBE.  More to follow.  

Eleanor said it’s ok to talk about Pim again (her mother).  When I delivered the first meal two Thursday’s ago (4th), Elle told me that afternoon that her mother had been given 2 weeks.  I immediately felt, ‘I hope it’s not Mother’s day’.  So praying and hoping for before or after.  But not on the day.  So Elle sent me a message 9.30am on Mother’s day that her beloved mother had passed over night, and yes Elle was holding her hand, with son Harvey in her arms as well.  And I was happy and proud for Eleanor. 

The funeral service for Pim Davis will be at 11am at The Cruising Yacht Club – Rockingham this Thursday 18th, May 2017.  Eleanor told me to tell everybody of her passing. To wear something colourful (I can certainly do that).  Strictly no flowers, but all donations to Silver Chain (I can do that).  But never tell a Libran Sicilian, with a ruling planet of Venus, to not bring flowers!!!!  Sorry Elle that I cannot do.  I will surprise them.  And Elle’s family know’s that I will be cooking the third and last meal (for them for a while) this Thursday.  It’s a Beef and Pork Casserole Guys.  Elle cannot stomach beef, or garlic, or ginger.


Because of the passing, and my unorganised clients this year with May 15 tax deadlines (many more than last year-not happy Jan!), my promised write up of the weekend of the Best, Good, Bad, and the Ugly will have to wait a few more days.

(14/05/2017-Sunday) Mother’s Day: 

Up at 5.30am this morning readying for my swim, my breathing is laboured and nasal passages congested.  If you are an Asthmatic it would be wise to stay indoors away from the smoke haze, that has engulfed the city since late last night.

If this smoke haze does not dissipate by this afternoon’s predicted storm then the normally benign West wind from the Indian ocean could prove quite catastrophic for Asthmatics.  As it did late last year in Melbourne with pollen.  The 60 minutes program tonight will confirm what I have started to write on this subject through out my Blog.

So have your preventive puffers ready from this morning.

Later this morning I review the Best, for Mother’s Day, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of recent.

I deliver the second meal to Eleanor and her family, as she confirms what I have felt for some time.


As I wake this morning (4.30am) the same eerie feeling ‘out there’ of the “calm before the storm”, since late last night.  The Angels telling me not to go in the ocean for my morning swim.  I am sure that Harry (Dennis – actually) will still beat me into the ocean at Waikiki.  Must be a reason why everybody calls him Harry – maybe a middle name.

I have been cooking since last night for Eleanor’s (my Assistant Accountant) extended family from Canada, England and Sydney. All here to help with Elle’s mum (Pim) nursing.  She only has a few more laps to go before she enters eternity.  And my Elle, like all my staff is a AAA amazing person.  Not only because she has an 18month old herself, but is also 5 months pregnant with her second child but is herself an only child.  I have known her for near on 3 years now and have never known anything to get her down.  Is it not great to be surrounded by beautiful people.

I have been ‘seeing’ three ones (111) three fours, (444) and three fives (555), for quite some time now.  In the numerology section I wrote not long ago that there are 4 universal 1 days in May.  There are also 3 master number 11 days in this month. 

I explain the full and new moon coming up and clarify the seasons with the imminent winter solstice coming up in June.

Could this be the date of Armageddon between USA and Korea?

I explain the numbers in a latter forum.  I apologise for being rather busy in my role with the Catalpa Foundation.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​(15/04/2017 – 22/04/20107) Catalpa Homeless Foundation and Melbourne Clients:

Poss said she does not want me to leave as when I do the rain will return.   I have been here since early Easter Sunday and have not seen the infamous terrible weather of Melbourne.  “Sun shining most days and generally warmer Dad, you can’t go back”!  “Two seasons only dad, autumn and spring, in the one day, instead of the usual four”.




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