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At Joseph Paterniti and Associates we offer a full range of business and personal services.







We have a wide range of business services available including;

  • Accounting & Acquisition advice

  • Bookkeeping advice & Administration

  • Business advice & Planning

  • Business management & Restructuring

  • Cash flow forecasting

  • Taxation advice & planning

  • Taxation minimisation

  • Taxation structures (sole trader, partnership, joint venture, companies, unit trusts, discretionary family trust, superannuation funds (or combinations of the aforesaid.)

Our accountants are all qualified & highly experienced they have been through all of the services many times prior and know the complexities of each. As you can see from our staffs own experience in many sectors of business and superannuation, we have this knowledge which we can impart on you if you choose.

Joseph also researches/sources his own specialist tax and business law advice. He enjoys this area mostly.

In any new area of complication JPA is affiliated with an extensive network of associates in the field of Banking, Broking, Finance, Investment and Law.


We understand that it is not just business that need the right advice at the right price. At Joseph Paterniti &  Associates, our highly trained staff also care about the individual who may not be able to afford the high business prices.

Other personal services include;

  • Budgeting

  • Elder Abuse w S.A.T. representation

  • Estate Planning & Administration

  • Legal taxation opinions

  • Negative Gearing in both real estate property & investment structures.

  • Taxation returns including BAS, IAS & Income tax.

Joseph's training and knowledge of business law; namely trust law and law of equity, has seen us go where others fear to tread.

Consequently we have been very busy with Estate Administration in the last 3 years with the increase in the aging population. Managing the estate of a loved one can be quite stressful for families.

Our knowledge of Testamentary Trusts over many years has us also working side by side with solicitors for the desired beneficial outcome.

We are a committed to providing our clients with a quality service that is second to none.

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact one of our friendly staff by phone or email.

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