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ZONE REBATE CLAIM: For those workers who have to travel to an isolated work site to the North of our big country and those Defence Force personnel who still travel through international waters, may still be entitled to this Rebate.  Long distance truck drivers also need to retain their travel logs as they continue to travel in and out of Zones.  As a practice we are still successfully claiming this rebate for our clients who qualify on the number of days test.

Do not panic when you read the latest budget changes on this subject, and never rely on the ‘grape vine’.  Press your Tax Adviser!

(22/12/2016 Thursday) SCAM A.T.O EMAILS AND SMS’S: Anyway it is about time I write on this subject.  But the warnings by others, should ring true to home and you should in all situations, if nothing else IGNORE/DELETE the offending EMAIL/SMS. 

We as a practice, at least get one reported a month to us by panicked clients.  My father has been the best on this subject.  On receiving phone calls by anyone professing to be from the ATO.  He tells them politely; “I no worka henymor,  butta yu ringa my son ina Rokinam.  Hissa Accounta and he tella yu”.

  I love my Dad, and he still cracks me up!

But I was worried about what the Poss. said.  We had just finished in the ‘Dandenong’s – Fern Tree Gully’ 1000 Steps Challenge and were on our way back to Brunswick, Melbourne when she received the offending SMS purportedly from the ATO.  Driving back about 4.30pm, from the passenger seat she says;

Dad I just got a sms from the ATO and they said I have a claim of excess money at the ATO they are holding onto for me of $230.00.

Immediately I replied, “delete it, it’s a hoax”!

“No Dad, Its on a ATO letter head”.

“ I don’t care, if it’s got a photo of the Pope on there.  You should get rid of it”. “ And never reply to any of that stuff,  in future”.

“Dad if you were not here I probably would have replied”.

“Yeah, and you would have lost all your money in your account, says I”.

By the way I do not believe her in saying that!

I know the Poss. is courageous, more so than her brothers at times, but she is not stupid.

I feel she would have phoned and ran it past me, especially when she got to the claim-on –line section.  It would have asked for her account details and she would have clicked then and there to call me.

The offending sms follows:


Sent from my Samsung GALAXY S5


* The Australian Taxation Office is the AU's centralised registration service for Australian e-Government services. 
Reference : 120PT0080424.RFD00010011

Pending Tax Repayment

We are sending this email to announce that after the last annual calculation of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax return of  $230 AUD. Requests for tax refunds are time limited and it is vital you complete your claim as soon as possible.

Claim Online ↣

Refundable Ammount : $230 AUD 
Delivery Method : Electronically by Card

You should wait 4 weeks after making an online claim and 6 weeks after making a postal claim before contacting Australian Taxation Office about the payment.

* Please do not reply, this email box is not monitored.

* The original of this email was scanned for viruses by the Government Secure Intranet virus scanning service supplied by Vodafone in partnership with Symantec. (CCTM Certificate Number 2009/09/0052.)

Crown Copyright | Australian Taxation Office| Working for all Australians



Can you spot the errors above.  I have spotted 8 as follows from top left to bottom right:

-the level of detail in the Australian Coat of Arms.  This is a fabrication.

-the ’My Gov’ symbol is never displayed on ATO correspondence in the green/gold colours.  They are very tight with their stationery requests. Colour would be too elaborate and costly.

-the reference no’s and contact details are never displayed in this fashion on ATO correspondence.  Much different from original and not right for me to disclose correct formatting on a website.  Also no taxpayer Tax File Number on this correspondence is the biggest give away.

-the general language used in the body.  Such words as; tax repayment, fiscal, tax return, AUD after the dollar amount, vital.  Not the usual language used by the ATO.

-“Requests for tax refunds are time limited” is completely wrong.  Time limitations of 1 year are put on ‘self-amending’ a tax return only and not on receiving the refunds

-claim online arrow, is a never seen before occurrence.

 -the spelling of ‘ammount’.

-‘electronically by card’.  The ATO deposit refunds to bank accounts only!

And if you got none of the above then the very last sentence telling you ”NOT to contact the ATO” till 6 weeks have lapsed, should ring warning bells.

The first thing that you should do is ring your tax agent, and if you do not have an agent then call the ATO, quoting  your Tax file number.

 ATO Staff will be able to verify on their computers who called you and when and reason for the call.


(27/04/2016-WEDNESDAY) DEFLATION-The Scariest Word in the Economics/Business Dictionary:  In this evening’s  ABC news I heard the word which I have expressed to colleagues since September 2015, I fear the most for the Australian economy going forward (next 18 months).  Not only for its nine letters and it did raise the hackles on the back of my neck!  Like deja’  vu.

The news story concentrated on prices and how some have come down (deflated)-not a bad thing most people would say.  Whilst other prices,  notably health, have increased.  A bad thing most consumers would say.

Whilst I agree with the above.  It is not the above deflation beast I am concerned about.  But more so Asset Deflation.

I am in the middle of BAS and end of year TAX deadlines at the moment so will leave this discussion for at about 2 weeks.  But to give you a lead in.  It is why the banks do what they do when they revalue mortgaged properties.

(23/09/2016-FRIDAY) Above Asset Deflation Revisited - The Blame Game and Buck Passing has started: Firstly I would like to apologise for not writing earlier on this subject. 

In this morning’s major newspapers (The Australian and The Financial Review) an expose of the newly appointed Governor of the Reserve Bank Dr. Phillip Lowe in his inaugural speech to the 'House of Representative economics committee' has put the responsibility of the country’s biggest economic challenges:

                -low wages growth

                -poor infrastructure

                -high cost of housing

                -lack of good housing supply?

                -access to housing credit

                -ageing population

                -lower terms of trade

                -stagnant ‘living standards’ growth

                -absent broader economic reform

Back onto parliament and the politicians and reminded them that his and the Reserve Banks major role is to “keep inflation alive”.

I commend him for this speech but also say, that he can, flex his muscle whilst parliaments balance of power remains hung, so what does this say about predecessor Glen Stevens tenure? 

How does this relate to Asset Deflation and what I said above back in April 2016.

Allow me to answer this by giving painfully real life examples.

Earlier this year you may recall that the Reserve Bank lowered interest rates, but there was outrage when the Major Banks did not pass this fully on to customers.  This phenomenon occurred at least twice that I can remember in the last 3 years of interest rate cuts.

It is all a question of RISK!  And in the end competition between the banks governs the order of the day………….to a certain extent!

Let me now wet your appetite a bit further by asking ’where is the built-in Risk insulator in a Reserve Bank rate of 1.5 percent’?

But firstly back to my examples.

In my practice alone, of those that I know, 2 clients and one acquaintance, have been forced to sell (pressure by the banks -  Mortgagor) because the value of their properties that the Banks were holding as security for the loans advanced to the clients had dropped/deflated significantly.  Where this happens, the bank will reassess its risk and invariably the customer will get a letter in the mail or call from the bank manager to say that their present loan repayment of say $1500.00 per month will not be enough to extinguish the loan in the remaining agreed period of say 20 years.  “So as the Mortgagor of your property we now request you pay $2000.00 per month” as our investment is at Risk.  We all know that in these recessive times of zero wages growth what becomes more important is food on the table so the family home is sacrificed.  In some instances this can add to the homeless situation where the couple or family do not survive this embarrassment and small splinters result in a breakup.

By way of concluding on this subject then, It is my opinion that the Reserve Bank rate has been cut too far.  Again in my opinion a healthy ceiling would have been 2%.  So that means 50 basis points prior as 25 basis points equates to 0.25%.  Healthy because we need Banks to retain their staff at the coal face and service its customer base.  But Dr. Lowe did say that 'Australia was very unlikely to slide towards zero interest rates or the quantitative easing used by the Bank of Japan' (negative interest rates), and other economies in the northern hemisphere.  Thank you for this clarification.  What we as practitioners have experienced in the last 6 months especially, is increased lead times for loan approvals.  In most instances as much as double the norm of 21 days.  And in extreme and embarrassing cases as high as 60 days.  Young aspiring first home owner couples cannot comprehend this wait time.  Bureaucratic red tape may be partly to blame.

Let me say that amongst my colleagues in the broking and banking industry, in a highly competitive business environment this is not good for business.

Dr. Lowe also said “Certainly there are scenarios where rates would fall again and there are scenarios where they would not need to fall again”.

Unfortunately I will bet ‘London to a brick’ that there will be another interest rate cut just prior to this Christmas season to culminate with the end of farming harvest.  The reason I say this is frost is already impacting parts of agricultural W.A.  The continued rain this late in all parts of Australia and especially in the months to come will also impact this year’s harvest.

The reason for the interest rate cut? (Because ‘Of course we cannot all have lower exchange rates; they are relative prices’).  The Reserve Bank controls monetary policy by adjusting interest rates.  Lowering the interest rate in this example means the Australian dollar is less attractive to hold and in the short term and against the US dollar it will drop.  Because our exports are valued in $US a lower Australian dollar means Aussie farmers can sell more of their produce on the overseas market, generating more $ volume income for farmers, which means greater taxable incomes for the Australian revenue and Government.  Basic algebra.

Again I commend Dr. Lowe on his speech and for the dot points raised above, which going forward will also support and provide leads on the topics I promised to touch on back in April 2016.

(10/10/2016 Monday) Brexit fallout and more to come:  For those Learned commentators that thought Brexit was ‘only fear mongering and now that the vote has passed hence also the fear’.  Also for those politicians and commentators that said that Australian residents would be immune from the Brexit fallout.  I feel should reconsider their thoughts and instead assist.  Because my practice is in Rockingham, we have a large UK presence.  I mean not only British, but also Irish and Scottish families. 

And personally I could not be happier as these families have been my back bone since 1990.

I also have clients and relatives with Italian and German pensions.  

 I think you all know where I am leading.  In the last week the UK pound has taken a battering on talk  by the new prime minister re Britain’s impending exit.

A drop in the UK pound against the Australian dollar spells lower UK pensions for domestic retirees.

In this situation the Australian Age Pension is meant to pick up the difference.  But as many retirees will attest this top-up is slow to come and not timely.  But as we all know the Australian Government has already introduced Age pension tightening measures to take effect from January 2017.  I have no doubt that these Government measures will continue if the UK pound continues to drop severely against the Australian dollar through continued Brexit fallout.


On quizzing my German client, he stated that ‘it would be better to leave your pension monies in the country of origin instead of converting it’ to Australian Dollars as would normally happen when the monies enter an Australian bank account.  This may be the case Hans, but I replied that not all retirees had the monetary means to use this method.  In his case, he rewards himself with a trip overseas to withdraw monies when required or use when on overseas holiday breaks.  Please do not misinterpret this situation.  The overseas earnings would still need to be declared in the clients tax return irrespective of where they are being temporarily parked!                                                   According to my 2 UK pension recipient clients both had already noticed decreases, one more severely than the other.

So as assistance I summarise the situation going forward so that concerned Age Pension recipients can plan ahead with less unknowns:

SAME SITUATION – NO AFFECT; where the UK Pound falls at the same degree as the Australian Dollar.

WORST SITUATION; where the UK Pound drops severely but the Australian Dollar rises or moves in the opposite direction of the Pound.  This is a classic double whammy affect.

BEST SITUATION; where the Australian dollar drops severely or continually against the UK Pound.  This is wishful thinking and ‘ain’t gonna happen'.  But may happen if Donald Trump emigrates (only joking) to Australia after his election loss.  Because we do not want him!

(01/12/2016-Thursday) UNAFFORDABLE HOUSING, Negative Gearing and the Homeless:  

Unfortunately the above 3 topical issues have been related for many years for all the wrong reasons.  But by the end of this write up I hope to have written enough, so that in future they are linked for all the positive reasons. 

My biggest annoyance is when politicians, bureaucrats AND print critics (should be journalists) open their mouth or print commentary before they verify with their superiors (could be a good start) their statements and comments and also fail to offer solutions/alternatives!

Recently the biggest ’foot in mouth’ contender was the NSW State Housing Minister, Robert Stokes on 25th November, who when thrust a microphone, foolishly linked, yet again ‘negative gearing to unaffordable housing’.

Mr. Andrew Probyn, (The West Australian) as a recent Walkley award nominee and winner for journalism, sometimes your columns leave me baffled and none the wiser (The West Tuesday October 25th page 10).  If you feel something positive to say mate, then I think you should say it!  Most of the time I’m left waiting! (Is he going to offer some solution/something today). 

Now for a simple positive thought before I raise my concerns. 

It is my opinion that ‘HOME OWNERSHIP’ should be a ‘basic human RIGHT’….not a ‘PRIVILEGE of the few’

Unless we change our thinking, here, then no positive outcome can be achieved.  I am sorry for now being cynical but can you feel the land/property developers and residential builders rushing for the exit doors at that thought. 

One of this State’s successful builder’s and award winner (upper market) Adrian Fini recently (The West – 02/12/2016 Friday) spoke at an industry breakfast saying that if State and Local Government ‘stopped laying bitumen and building roundabouts and instead turned their attention to housing affordability the issue could quickly be solved overnight.  Ahh Adrian, to be polite I think the housing affordability issue is a bit more complicated than just ‘bitumen and roundabouts’.  But yes I do agree with you on the both the State and Local Government inputs, as required assistance with this complicated issue. 

I have left the problems here till last and for another day.

And also why you Adrian, lost me in your last sentence.

Don’t worry you people don’t get the biggest serve.  This crown aptly fits on the heads of politicians and policy makers (who are empowered), but who sit on their hands and do nothing or better buck- pass because the issue is too difficult for them to tackle!  I wonder how many of them have actually played a team sport like football or done martial arts.  I apologise again for being cynical.

Let me start with plausible suggestions which could form the basis of a ‘HOUSING AFFORDABILITY and HOMELESS STRATEGY’.

Suggestion 1 – Extend the current State Government Health employee’s privilege of salary packaging their private home mortgage……..(yes you read right) to cover first home buyers only as well!

Yes, the State Government will tell you that their health care workers have been enjoying this privilege for over 15 years.  That’s right these people do not pay any withholding tax on their private mortgage payments because it is deducted from their gross salary package and hence tax is then calculated and deducted from their fortnightly wage on this lower reduced figure.

Or maybe they won’t tell you that’s why Joseph will and has!

Suggestion 2‘If you cannot be them, then join them’.  On a Federal level extend the privilege of negative gearing to cover first home buyers only as well!  Not just the privileged investor.  If the government is concerned that this will create more apartments, then it can restrict the incentive to a minimum 3 bed 1 bath building, so as to house a small family.

This incentive was mentioned in my earlier blog write-ups.  To end the negative gearing incentives currently on offer to private investors now would plunge the commercial building industry both apartments and stand alone houses into recession.  It is one of the few industries still bubbling along albeit largely in extensions and renovations.  This incentive was withdrawn for 2 years by the then Hawke/Keating Government in the mid 80’s proving disastrous to the building industry. 

Mr. Bill Shorten, leader of the Labour opposition needs to change his thinking on this incentive issue.  It may be acceptable if he is suggesting in its replacement that the Federal Government will built for this demographic (ie first home buyers, first home renters and the homeless), but this is very unlikely.


Suggestion 3 – Allow a tax deduction of a compulsory annual fee‘The Homeless Shelter Levy’ of $120 - $150 to all rental property investors.  So as to help fund/build Homeless Shelters around Australia. For large scale apartment buildings this could be negotiated to say a 25% discount on a per unit rate.

This was the contribution I made and received praise for at last year’s Salvation Army meeting in October on the Homeless issue mentioned previously in my Blog.  Shelter Australia Canberra representatives were present.  But sadly have heard nothing to date?

And I have my suspicions as to why!

I have already asked for feedback and put this suggestion to some of my clients with rental properties in my practice and they agree with the annual fee/levy so long as they receive a tax deduction against their rental properties.  Because most investors have more than one property you could also make this levy progressive ‘by choice’ after the first compulsory fee.  In other words if they own 3 properties, they could pay 3, 2 or 1 fee.  This would sort the genuine from non-genuine, would it not!

Suggestion 4 – Allow a tax deduction to a charitable organisation set up for the specific building of Homeless Shelter Accommodation around Australia – nothing else.  Otherwise this will fail as well.  It must be for that specific purpose only!

Oh hang on, can you hear the critics and tall poppies shouting!……”How ya gonna fund all the above mate”?

That’s OK cause I’ve considered this as well.

Funding Suggestion 1Cut back Federal and State Government backbenchers by one third as excess to requirements.

Funding Suggestion 2Cut back Federal and State Government bureaucrat’s by one third as excess to requirements.

Small business owners have to face budget’s daily and cut backs are sometimes inevitable …… to survive. So this should happen at both levels of government – trim waste.

Funding Suggestion 3Stop/cancel the upcoming “corporate tax rate cut from 30% to 25%” by the year 2025 for small businesses ($2million to $10million gross turnover).  It is not needed as most small family businesses in this category are set up as discretionary family trusts, unit trusts or partnerships (ie cray fishing industry).  So this current initiative by the Federal Government is actually a fur-fee made to make them look good.

Funding Suggestion 4Introduce a Corporation’s tax of 3% on companies turning over $10million or more on their gross turnoversThe beauty of this initiative is that it solves two other problems rife in the industry for quite some time and made famously just recently by the exposing of the Caymen Islands tax evasion siphoning (a very big no-no).  Scrupulous creative accountants are also limited in their creativity when Gross Sales/Turnover figures are targeted by law makers rather than net profit or taxable income (ie income after ‘expenses’ are allowed as deductions).  Donald Trump recently said that it is every business owners right to pay the least amount of tax within the law.  This is true because most taxes are levied on net/taxable profits after allowing for expenses.  And this is the space where the creative accountants and lawyers thrive (tax avoidance).  If instead Gross turnover is targeted, the lawyers and accountants would be twiddling their thumbs (harder to achieve) and usually results in tax evasion (which is illegal) to overseas tax havens.

Now that the hard bits are over, on to the problems and concerns, and let’s not forget more criticisms plaguing all these topical issues!  These are to follow.

(19/04/2016-TUESDAY) MESSAGES ON HOLD - Blog Link:

It would appear that we are privileged (at least for today-I think?).

I say this with some reservation as Kym Illman from Messages on Hold has offered our firm this link to his Blog page at "Messages on Hold".  The problem is Kym is an Eagles supporter and I am not. So I have taken this offer more like an Olive branch rather that as a Poison chalice (can't get any more poisonous for us Docker supporters at the moment).

Kym and his support crew (the main workers) will espouse the view on how important it is to have meaningful contact on your incoming calls so as to keep and not lose your latest contact.


So we hope you enjoy the bottom link as much as we did.


Thanks Kym and crew on your continued support and tentacle spread which you offer.


(10/03/2016) Looming Federal Election:  I’m starting to hate this section already and I haven’t even started.

Who smells a federal election in the air?  I first put pen to paper here about 2/3 weeks ago, but as usual got bogged down in other interesting stuff (not difficult).  And what a WASTE it will be if it goes the way of a Double Dissolution of Parliament - an earlier forced vote.

My staff, friends and colleagues will tell you that I am of NO particular political persuasion, preferring good policy over vote catching antics and rubbish!  Well unfortunately this next Federal election is proving to be the latter.

Why? You ask!  Well, leaving Parliament to go its normal course end of September 2016 gives the opposition parties (namely Labour) time to catch-up in the polls and peg back the Liberal-Coalition party.  Malcolm Turnbull is riding on a political high in the polls at the moment.  The political factions  therefore  may decide that an early election in July is winnable.  

It is my opinion that this SHAMEFUL ACT is not only more expensive to organise and hold (our hard earned taxpayer funds), but also more stressful on resources and the environment.  A double dissolution election becomes a longer campaign (about 7/8 weeks).  (Please no.  I’m leaving the planet and moving to Venus).

So my words of wisdom to the Liberal-Coalition party.  Do not do it.  Do not force an early election but rather wait till September norm.  The month that things are meant to END naturally. 

If you do then my vote this time around will go to the minor parties (No. No donkey vote here).

(13/03/2016) Weeds Vs Medicine (Where/When did Society go wrong):  In the Autumn of 1971 as a child of 7 years I had the privilege of travelling to Sicily with my Parents, sister and brothers.  My maternal Grand Father (a Mute) had not long died.  My paternal Grand Father (a drunk – dad doesn’t mind) had died in 59/60 before I was born.  So Mum and Dad wanted us kids to meet the remaining relatives (mostly in Sicily), namely the Nonna’s in the country villages where they were raised.

Mum wanted me to meet her Dad (an incredible man according to Mum’s recollection and stories) although a mute like his brother he knew through intuition, what was happening before it happened and so raised and protected his children as he did his flock of sheep, knowing what plants and grasses were friendly and hence medicine from those that would and did kill. But this was not meant to be.

Whilst in Sicily, Mum, Dad and my elder sister (most privileged), travelled to northern Italy to visit Mum’s older sister, who had married and settled in Torino.  So this left me as the oldest boy to assist the Nonna’s in collecting water from the communal ‘Fontana’ (fresh flowing water from the hills) and abundant green plants/herbs (what we now call weeds) from the surrounding fields.  “Vene ca nonna, beddhu”, sicillian for “come with grandma beautiful”.   They would lead me by the hand pointing out the good plants from the bad.  ‘Rapa’ and ‘Cost-i-Vetyi’ in Sicilian translated to'Wild Lettuce' and 'Dandelion' in English that were most desirable and sought after.  As opposed to ‘A-driga’ alias ‘stinging nettle’ which one not dare brush against.  The Nonna’s  also knew which pleasant plant could combat the undesirables, to reverse its toxicity etc.  But Mum said that her Father was the best at it.

So it saddened me just recently to read in the weekend paper (Sunday Times), a great article written by Liam Bartlett where the weed control contractors were about to be let loose both on farms and council verges ahead of season, spraying known cancer causing chemicals on these herbs.

Driving to work in this last week I noticed a herbicide contractor poisoning the edible herb ‘Fleabane’.  Along this same road verge last year were copius amounts of green leafy ‘Wild Broccoli’

But why go to all this trouble anyway when as my kids say (why r u collectn weeds when u can get  stuff at the supermarket).  Really!?  So I retort with “did you know that Dandelion is the most nutritious herb ever tested by the U. S. Ag. Dept. containing amongst other vitamins and minerals the rare Vitamin K.  Would you believe me if I said the herb is associated with a long and healthy life”.  “You can get vitamins from the health shop dad”!   O-K I rest my case. 

So when winter sets in and the sun is weaker and the days get shorter, these special dark green plants filled with chlorophyll will rise out of the ground and be in abundance.  I will collect them from my back yard and office as I was taught by my nanna and as my children see me do.  I will collect wild lettuce, dandelion, milk thistle, and fleabane from known places where I know poisonous chemicals have not been used. 

 Just on that point I have an Elder flower bush at the front of my office and throughout Spring it flowers profusely.  So I collected the fragarant white flowers and made some tea.  Little did I know (till my staff googled same) that the stems attached to the flowers are toxic.  I did what Nonna and Mum taught and that was to spit on the inside of my wrist and rub a small sample of flowers.  If in 5 minutes there is no adverse reaction/allergy then it is safe to ingest/steep.  But when I went to put the collection in the pot, I inadvertently (carelessly) included some stems.  Luckily I sipped small amounts, the tea tasted pleasant enough but the sensation on my lips was not so. Within 5 minutes I started to feel nauseas so I stopped and had milk and luke warm water instead to flush out the toxicity I was experiencing.  As a result my staff on my last birthday purchased me “The Weed Forager’s Handbook”.  It serves as a guide to edible and medicinal weeds in Australia.  I can relate to most of the items written especially the forward written by the Greek, Costa Georgiadis.  Excellent informative read guys.

I taught myself herbal medicine as a side hobby when nearing my degree completion in 1984 as apart from the Law, Accounting was pressing the boring meter.

The importance here is to beat the sprayers and collect any edible herbs before the poisons are unleashed. 

If you are not sure do not forage.

(22/6/2016-Wednesday)Brexit and the European Union:  I have to be honest (my friends and colleagues are used to me by now) and say when I read my first article on this topic approximately 8 to 10 weeks ago I felt overwhelming darkness and black (as opposed to blue that is).  These feelings were instantaneous.

 The people of Britain on Thursday (tomorrow) will vote in a referendum to decide whether Britain remains in or leaves the European Union.

As an outsider down under looking in you would be excused for thinking, “So what? they are at the other end of the Globe it’s not going to affect us”……..

But yes it will, irrespective of what our politicians-united as they are on this subject, say they are ‘Brexit ready’??

Of recent If nothing else, what this referendum has already achieved as per the reporting is a very close 50/50 split amongst the people of Britain and this alone cannot be a good thing. 

Because of its hung nature.

In my profession and experience from an economic view point my feeling is that although the Leave voters see greater merit in leaving.  That this is actually short term and by the time the true affects are realised the secondary consequences will take 7 to 10 years at least to resolve.

The social and cultural consequences of this vote will also require serious consideration more so than the economic.

It may be where most of my darkness resides.

And the above is Britain only.

 Germany cannot continue to go it alone in maintaining economic prosperity (you may laugh) in a Europe where corruption (Ukraine vs Turkey. Take your pick?) is the order of the day.

So as an Economic Zone it is my belief that It would be better longer term if Britain were to remain in the European Union.



In numerology the alphabet is also reduced to numbers, but we won’t go there just yet.

So we are entering an exciting month in February not only for its Leap year effect (29 days-a 11 Master Number day only every 4 years).  February has no ELEVEN-11 ‘Master Number Life Path’

Days (which we had 4 of in the month of January namely the 1st,10th,19th and 28th).

We are in a 9 Universal Year (completing, ending, letting go). 

The final year in a normal 1 to 9 cycle.

My support staff have cautioned me against doing predictions, as it may not be every one’s ‘cup of tea’-so to speak.  Whereas my colleague says to let loose and show my true colours.  So to satisfy, I hope, and not arouse I shall refrain and strike a healthy balance.

So on to the U9 year mentioned above.  The acts of completing and letting go are fine, but not so the middle word ‘ending’.  I have been worried about the number 9 for quite some time (probs. since I realised it was the year of my near drowning).


Because we are in a 9 Universal year, apart from the Master Numbers,  we will also concentrate on the number 9.


Just for the record in the month of January which has now past us by there were 3, U9 days.  On the 8th, 17th, and 26th.


Ok let’s now go and have some fun!

Let’s finish off February.

As stated above there will be no 11 Master No. life path days in February.  But there will be 2, 22 Master No. life path days.  These will occur on the 11th and 29th (leap day). 

Even more exciting than this is the one and only 33 Master No. life path day in February.  This will occur on the Monday 22nd of February.

33 M/N are very rare and will not occur again this calendar year.

There are also 3, U9 days in February, on the 7th, 16th, and 25th.

We also have St. Valentine’s day occurring on Sunday the 14th, which is a U7 day. This feast has been celebrated by Roman Priests since A.D. 270. Later this feast/festival combined the celebration of the death of Saint Valentinus with the fertility festival of ‘Lupercalia’.  Legend has it that the She-wolf or Lupa adopted and suckled the founders of Rome – the infant brothers Romulus and Remus before being found and raised by an elderly farming couple.  Roman women welcomed the feast as it was believed to make them more fertile in the coming year.


Starting on the 20th of January through till February 20th is the alignment of the 5 planets (Mercury, Venus (my ruling planet), Saturn, Mars and Jupiter).  This occurs again on August 13 as these planets move across the sky from east to west.  This happening will return again in approx. 33 moons on October 2018-a Universal 11 year. 

I cannot but be excited about the young born under the stars in this period of time, especially if they are Master Numbers according to Numerology/Astrology followers.

Hopefully amongst them will be the saviours of our Mother Earth as my generation is not doing such a good job! 

See that Intro. wasn’t so heavy, was it?


There are no Master No. days in March 2016. There will be 3, U9 days on the 6th, 15th, and 24th.


There are no Master No. days in April 2016. There will be 3, U9 days on the 5th, 14th, and 23rd.


It’s good if you can see a pattern start to emerge.  If you cannot then it doesn’t matter at this early stage. This month is interesting as there is a spike in U9 days to 4.  These will occur on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st.


There are no Master No. days in June 2016. Again there will be 4, U9 days on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th.


There is 1, U11 Master No. day in July 2016 (YaY!), on Friday the 22nd.  Again there will be 4, U9 days on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th.


There are no Master No. days in August 2016. Again there will be 4, U9 days on the 1st, 10th, 19st and 28th.  The Rio/Brazil Olympic games occur in this month.  So that part of the world will be full of people for about 2 weeks.


Now this month gets interesting.  As it is full of 9's

This is the 9th month in a U9 year.  So Friday the 9th will be the pinnacle for this number. 

It is also the only month (in this calendar year) where the actual day/date agrees with the Universal day.

I have asked my staff to take paid annual leave on this day.  I will be the only one visiting my office on this day Friday 09/09/2016, or 09/09/09, or 27 or 9.

As well as the 9th there are 2 other U9 days in September on the 18th, and 27th.

Whilst there is a lot of good in this number the sinister elements in society may use it to further their political or religious beliefs/causes.

There are 2, U11 Master No. life path days in September  2016,  on Sunday the 11th and Thursday the 29th.

Very intuitive babies, if born (natural births), will be born on these two days.

There will also be 1, U22 Master No. life path day In September 2016, on Tuesday the 13th.  A lucky little girl or boy with a feminine side (not a bad thing) may be born on this day. 

In some cultures the no. 13 is also revered as a lucky number.  This is so, in many Italian states including Sicily.

October: (My Birth Month)

There is an increase in the Master No. 11 life path days to 4.  These will occur on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th.   Again there will be 4, U9 days on the 8th, 17th and 26th.


There will be 3, U11 Master No. life path days occurring on the 9th, 18th, and 27th.  There will also be 1, U22 Master No. life path day on the 2nd of November.

There will also be 3, U9 days occurring on the 7th, 16th and 25th.


There are no Master No. days in December 2016. But there will be 3, U9 days on the 6th, 15th, and 24th.

Christmas Day the 25th is a universal 1 day or begining of a new cycle.


​- Watch our Elderly:

Of recent, the irregular weather pattern and its extremes till about May 2017, but before the Winter Solstice 2017.

A prolonged wet winter continuing into spring and the extremes in temperature variation continuing into summer will take most people by surprise esp. the elderly. Where the unexpected summer heat will hit with a vengeance in the new year.  So get outdoors when you can and train your body to acclimatise.  

-Worsening overseas accords, especially in Europe:

​(09/12/2016-Friday) Now that the calendar year draws to a close I have been asked by clients, friends, colleagues and some of my lady staff if I would repeat the numerology report for the 2017 Calendar year.  It being a universal 1 year and the start of new beginnings.

I said I would and will try and publish this before the start of January.  But before I do, the number 9 has proved to be devastating and correct in many instances which I will highlight, including for me personally. 

Even if it disgusts certain people. 

For the TRUTH shall set you FREE.


(03/02/2017-Friday) Mum’s Tomatoes:

Mornings Best Made Plans: now out the door, as mum's got hold of 40 boxes of tomatoes from her Grocer friend in Wray Ave, Fremantle.  So I've had to drop my chainsaws and go and assist this morning. "I've got to go dad is cursing unloading the boxes from the car and he's calling out to me , says mum.  So after saying I can be there tonight and we will work till the early hours (its Mums birthday party tomorrow-she reminds me).  Your sisters done her ankle (karma, say I).  She can't help!  "Yeah ok mum, I get it, I'll be there in half an hour", say I.  Of course always turning a negative into a positive,  I get to eat spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce for lunch today.  Topped with fresh herb basil and the parmesan cheese.  I'll finish this write up over the weekend.  Then there is the ruby red Grapes for the wine and pork for the sausages and fresh pancetta (pork belly).  All annual experiences.

Also tonights Sunday night movie Interstellar with Mathew McConaughey is one of my favourites of late.  Not beacuse of the outer planetary travel.  But because it shows how the speed of travel through time (moving with time), ages those that do not move with it.  It gives some meaning to the saying "time waits for nobody".  Would you rather be a couch potato or 'move' as best you can - with time?  No Brainer!

I apologise I am completely spent.  I will complete this hopefully before late tonight (Sunday 5th).  But I’m gonna have a small kip right now, only need an hour.  As also the Lady in Red needed some money today (Sunday) so had to open the office for her so she could clean it.  Then she wanted to clean my car.  I said no I need a rest.  Dad and I only got 3 hours sleep on Friday night/Saturday morning, then we had mum's birthday party.  Dad stays up after he puts the bottles on to boil (preserve), so he can here the broken bottle heads go off.  “I counted 1 dad”, “I counta 3 ma-be 4” says dad.  Which means he had less sleep than me!  I have loaded some photos just to tease for now and will finish loading the remaining photos by Tuesday morning.

Just as an appetiser for later.  There were actually 44 boxes, (as the oldies always like to round down).  At 10kg each, that makes for 440kg in total which is just shy of half a tonne of tomatoes.  We started just after lunch time, from all the preparation and our last ‘passata’ was 7.30pm Friday evening.

For the purpose of the next exercise, you should know that 1kg equates to 1 litre.  So allowing for a percentage of waste, being seeds, skins, and of course water in the tomato.  The remainder is pure sauce.  We capped 333 bottles of 750ml.  After preserving via boiling we recovered 326 bottles and 7 broken necks.  The sauce is thick and non-runny.  The secret is the passing of the skins 3 times to extract the maximum puree flesh of the tomato.  So the maths tells us that 326 @ 0.75ml gives us 244.5 litres of pure sauce.  That represents just over 195 kg of waste.  This is a very good outcome as the tomato is not always pristine from the farm/transit.  The very bad sections need to be cut out as it could contaminate an entire batch. 

Let me tell you there is nothing better in food sense than a fresh batch of rich red home made tomato sauce to go on top of your pasta.

I will upload the remaining better photos with its commentary by Tuesday morning.

(10/02/2017-Friday) It's a Life Path Universal 4 day if you are born today:  So it has been raining since 11.30pm last night.  I remember this as it was amasing that I got to bed that side of midnight.  Usually it is morning side of midnight.  Had my alarm set for 5am but instead the "raining of cats and dogs" woke me at 4am this morning.  I took photos and will upload these later of the flooding outside the office out to the culdesac.  So the low pressure system tracking since Monday off Broome, has brought me dumpers at Waikiki beach on Tuesday afternoon.  Heading off to the pool now. More later.

(3.16pm and 5.45pm, 16/02/2017-Thursday) 

And when the numbers fell, so did my tears start and have not stopped since August of 2013.  I tried to understand what was happening to me and why.  But after this evening 5.45pm Thursday 16/02/2017 to be precise, I will never know why.

A poem written on the same night, titled 'Courage'.  Will most probably never be published by me.  But may be by my custodian of writings (lyrics and poems) and daughter the Possum, once I pass.  The poem has 8 stanzas, with words like fear, love, spirit, strength, tears, and a lot of 'do nots' and 'stay aways' as recited by a uniform.  More to Follow.

My audience will get to know a bit more about my children very soon as promised in the notice board. 

TERMINAL:  Mums Comare (close friend), and Isobel (long time client of mine and wife of George) are terminally ill with advanced cancer.  Also Elle's mother, (my assistant accountant), enters radiation therapy for a failing hip.  So I have made 4 ArchAngels for these people who have been part of my life.  More to follow and I will upload these soon.

(19/02/2017-Sunday)  Terminally ill.  Mum asked if I would take her to Fiona Stanley hospital today to visit her Comare. 

And whilst there a long standing client of mine George noticed me and asked if I would visit and say hello to his terminally ill wife Isobel.  Who looked further 'ingrave' (Italian dilect for near death) than la Comare.  More to follow.

(20/02/2017 - Monday) Happy Day Today:

See uploaded photos.

'Silver' The baby Brown Honeyeater I rescued from the pathway of Fiona Stanley Hospital on exiting yesterday is now feeding on fig this morning.  Mum doesn't help with her negativity!  Please live little bird!  Thanks to  the Archangels for sending me this sign.  Yes I shall continue with my mission in life.

Joseph apologises in advance.  As he will need to take next week off, Monday 13th through Friday 17th to undergo medical tests.

He embarrassingly collapsed at work the afternoon of Tuesday 7th, and was out for a few minutes.

(pre 4 year old blues coming back).   His friends and staff have insisted that he take a week off to visit Doctors and re-set.  His mother asked if he was under stress, “e ta fare u sonu a sira” (you need to get to sleep at night).  “Yes Mum”!

He has not been to the Doctors for over 5 years for bloods and cannot remember the last time he was administered panadol by his mother (about age 16).  He does however jokingly remember  the night in 2005 when he took 2 codeine tablets for lower back pain after a Do-Jo bout.  As this is the morning he crossed-over (more of this in a latter forum).


He does not expect anything sinister,  from the test results, as he has been healthy most of his adult life,  but will value the time at a cousins farm, or living off the beach, or better still BOTH.

So he apologises for any inconvenience this may cause at such short notice as he will also be out of mobile range.

(13/03/2017-Monday) At 12.53am we had the brightest of white full moon.  So Monday afternoon I did get to the Doctor.  Blood pressure was fine at 133/80 for a 53 yr old, said he.  I had my bloods taken Tuesday (this), morning.  Given what happened last Tuesday 7th the Doc ordered a Thyroid check for good measure.  Then I did some work on my off-road bike (takes my mind off things as have not been sleeping the best lately).  I am refurbishing the seat, as it cannot be replaced.  This model is no longer made in Japan.  I will upload photos at a latter date as this is one major rust repair excercise.

I am packed; bacon, eggs, bread, herbs, teas, (and some limoncello, for night cap), gas port. cooker, gas lamp bedding and banana lounge, port. table.  Everything is appropriately stored in my cellar ready for a quick getaway.  I shall be heading off tonight (Tuesday) and getting Oceanside by midnight (yes I'm traveling alone, as usual).  The bright light of the full moon tonight will make traveling easier.

In the morning I shall set camp, and then prepare for a swim.  I shall free dive for the shells (Angel making) at midday when the sun is directly overhead.  Allowable depth of dive is 20m max. as have to allow lung air for the return back to the surface. 

Usually 1min 20secs max. air ability.

I have to be back for Thursday, Catalpa Homeless Luncheon (which I had forgotten about).

By the way.  The Catalpa Homeless Foundation Incorp. Ltd webpage is now live.  It can be found at "".  The mug shots will have to be replaced as they are old ones, but are ok for now.  The original memorial of the Catalpa wild geese, can be found at the junction of Samuel St. and The Esplanade in Palm Beach.

I cannot venture too far this week as the death of close family is evident.  I did lose Silver Wednesday the 22nd, after my visit back to Isobel, Fiona Stanley Hosp. so as to deliver her Angels.  She was at ease, and would not let go of my hand. 

I did reassure her that we would meet again in time, to which she smiled.  I asked her to believe.  I have a poem about 'Believe'.  Which I shall publish at the appropriate time.

Isobel passed the following Wednesday, 1st March.  George is naturally devastated, but I shall be meeting with him shortly.

(18/07/2016 Monday)

Recently ‘Tripadvisor’ twice refused to publish my write-up of the ‘Rosemount Hotel – 459 Bar’.  Citing reasons which I could not comprehend.  As a professional my time is measured so I will rarely try for a third attempt apart for exceptional circumstances which this was not. 

In any case I have wanted to share my experiences in life with my wider audience and so have decided that my own Blog should be the appropriate forum.  And so I ask who can argue with that?

I have now published that write-up here in its entirety and let my audience judge for itself.


Overseas travellers who enjoy the live bands should make a bee-line for the Rosemount Hotel in North Perth being only 20mns from Perth International Airport! The Bars within this establishment resonate with the music of our up-and-comers.  For anywhere between $5 and $15 cover charge you will be entertained by the sounds of our future musos.

 As a parent of a band member I say thank you for staging our boys over the years and giving all our up and coming bands a venue in which to display their talent.

So it is with this intro. that I say it was a GREAT but sad night at the’ 459 Bar’ of the Rosemount Hotel on Thursday 16th June, when our boys  ‘Oakland’, played there last gig for a while.  3 of the band members James, Mat & Chris have been jamming together since primary school band, 2004.

The boys belted out some of their greats, ‘Into The Sea’, and ‘Slipping With You’ in this small but intimate bar to the resounding cheers of their loyal followers.  Finishing off with an en core request to cover ‘All My Friends’ with great satisfaction from the crowds final applause.

Some of the Band members are going to Europe for Uni. Break with one band member Andrew staying till at least January 2017.

May the path of all travelling boys be lit and guided by their guardian angels whilst overseas.

Good luck lads and I wish you a safe return back to your families…… and back to the 459 Bar!

(13/07/20016 Wednesday) CANBERRA – If only most people knew!


So my Virgin flight VA 271 leaves Melbourne Airport for Canberra at 1 pm after a 1.5 hr stopover from Perth. It is a 7 degree day in Melbourne.  Its only a short 41min. flight to Canberra and we are to experience turbulence due to tail winds.

Approx. 10mns out of Canberra I peer out the plane window and notice what looks like scorched/razored earth with what appears to be white sand. Turns out it’s snow.  It is partly blanketed by low lying white cloud and the plane appears to be hovering/gliding just above this pure white cloud cover.  Immediately I get the urge to want to camp down there at some stage.

 It is truly a beautiful setting.

I touched down at 2pm to a 6 degree maximum and saw my first snowflake fall from the sky ever at Goldsbourough Crt  MACARTHUR.  My clients place. 

(9/9/2016-Friday) My Ending a New Begining:

This particular morning started well for me.  My morning swim finished a tad late and my mind preoccupied with the court attendance mid-morning and the homeless person mid-afternoon.  So I dropped my guard, unrecognised at first but the feeling welcomed, the Angel’s wings, back to autumn gold but now CUT! CUt Cut cut.  Deafening silence, my heart sinks, this kindred spirit with enduring and timeless qualities my memory treasures, joyously never my downfall.

(16/9/2016-Friday) Canberra Revisited:

The snow-capped mountains that we flew over are known as the Brindabella Ranges.  Our forefathers planned this location well.  1-2hrs west of the NSW coast the ACT and Canberra lie atop, and naturally protected, by the surrounding ranges. 

The following day Thursday 14/07/2016 business matters behind us Dazza drove me to Gibraltor Creek crossing where I made my first snowman.  Later that night Dazza took out his telescope and we zoomed in on the rings of Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter.  When he was diagnosed with his illness many years ago wife Shazza along with their daughter purchased a 'Star' for him in the Milky Way Galaxy which they were able to name and now have an official certificate of ownership.  He has cheated death at least 3 times but does not know how long he can continue to do this.  He knows I am very ‘Spiritual’ – ‘Self as opposed to Religious' (there is a big difference).  So that night he asked me; “Joseph do you think an Atom can remember”.

The following morning we left for Melbourne – he wanted to meet my Possum.

 Canberra/Melbourne revisited:  Dazza and I arrive at our East Brunswick  accommodation in Melbourne at 7.30am, Friday 15 July.  As touched on above Dazza is heavily into Astronomy.  The next morning Saturday 16th after returning from my swim, Dazza is downstairs having a coffee.  Whilst I’m upstairs in my room preparing for breakfast he is about to experience something which he cannot explain and because of my spirituality he asks me as follows.

 “Joseph  you know the spirits you talk about”?  (Me – What about ‘em).  Well you’re not going to believe this.

Try me……..

” That calendar sitting on the breakfast bar moved-like something pushed it, and that pantry door opened half way and then closed”.

Me: If they bother you ask them to leave.


“Usually between 1 and 3.

“How do you know if they’re good/bad spirits”.

Mostly good, that’s why I wear a pentagram on my left ankle, for the bad ones.

“You’re weird, but I still love you like a bro.

I’m weird? You just explained to me what happened to you!

Continued…(25/12/2016 Xmas):

That afternoon we went to watch Port Adelaide smash the Kangaroos, at Etihad stadium and we were both hoping for a Kangas win.

It was worse on Sunday as Dazza’s Melbourne Dee’s got done by St. Kilda.  But the boys did come back strong in the third qtr (got to within 13 points), so Dazza was encouraged by this; “good signs for next year Joseph”!

Dazza had to return home on Tuesday morning.  He had a great time and could not thank me enough, (esp. for my ‘pasta marinara’) as I drove him back to Tullamarine Airport for his flight.

I said ‘yes’ to him.  ‘Yes what’ was his reply.  “Yes to an atom being able to remember”, said I.

I will prove it to you, I said. But you have to give me time as this is big to research.

You are the Astronomer and we both know that DNA can only be destroyed in a ‘Supernova’.  I did not want to ask him why he wanted to remember as I already knew the answer to that one?  I did not want to dampen his spirits by saying that a ‘photographic memory’ was ‘just as much a curse as a gift’, especially when one wants to forget, and they can’t!

There is enough medical evidence of Donee patients having major organ transplants, ie heart ,lung, liver, kidney  and then having similar food cravings to the Donor person.

And then the next logical question is ‘can memory transcend time’?

As Dazza walked off from a manly hug, he said “and who said accountants were boring”? Sorry “spiritual accountants”.

The remaining stay in Melbourne with my Poss. was till the weekend of July end, and we had fun.  I have more trip advisor write ups to load re that trip and they will follow. 

But the best thing with the Poss. was discovering a new/old remix of ‘Matt Simons – Catch and Release’.  It is now our anthem for when we get together, loaded on her USB.  I can very much relate to all the sensitive words used by Matt in this master creationWell done Matt for having the guts to put together such an inspirational song.  I love the old original over the remix as it gives you time to think!  We discovered the song on Wednesday, and then by Friday we were listening to it on ‘repeat’ as we ventured down to Geelong, Torquay and Bell’s Beach on our Surf Life Saving beaches write-ups down the western flank of Port Phillip Bay.

​(Wed-Friday 30/9/2016) Bicton Pools/Baths: 

The prior two months I have been assisting my eldest son with his Bronze Medallion.  A qualification he requires to graduate as a Physical Education Teacher.  Getting his breathing and stroke technique right, my major input, so that he could complete the 4 strokes totalling 800metres in 13mins.  This culminated in the assessment on Friday last at the Bicton Pools, which he passed.  As a result I stumbled across a ‘hidden gem’ as one elderly gentleman swimmer described, which I feel I should tell tourists about through trip advisor.  Why? Because of its 37.5 degrees artesian water drawn from ¾ of a kilometre below ground.  I will attempt to do this write up in the next fortnight.  Thanks to Duncan at the pool for being a fountain of knowledge.

(14/10/2016-Friday) Morning Swim with a Sea Lion: This morning I decided to swim at Wells Park/Kwinana Beach.  It wasn’t the best of mornings to be ocean swimming, but my body has craved salt water since Wednesday Arvo’s Bunbury Quarry beach swim, and the water is warming up nicely.  It was 6.45am when I started and 30mns later I was all done.  As I was drying and readying myself for work, I see a large flock of seagulls hovering a couple of feet off the water at the edge of the hardstand that was once the deck of the Pretty Maiden’ – Kwinana wreck.  I went to investigate and coming up for gulps of air is a big brown sea lion.  Just then, I thanked my Archangels and was so excited I wanted to join in!  I rushed this once before 18 months ago when there were 3 dolphins in the same spot and ended up on my backside, slipping on the rocks and sporting scratches and bruises for months.  But I was half dry and rain was beckoning. 

So I picked up the morning newspaper, and could not believe what I was reading in the Editorial section.  There was so much emotion going through my blood, and thought, we humans are meant to be the dominant intelligent specie, so why is this paper suggesting shark nets?  More to follow in the Politics blog section.

(10/11/2016-Thursday) My Dementia Client: During the week I completed the Taxation Return of an elderly client named Anthony (82) and was privileged to visit him in his room.  He had attended my practice for the prior 24 years, and was never happy to pay tax, but enjoyed his refund if he had paid too much, which is normal.  But in the last 18 months he had a minor stroke and hence entered a nursing home in the northern suburbs.  His younger brother was his guardian and administrator.  So I asked his brother if I could visit the nursing home on completion of the annual tax return as I had done over the years for all my clients. The brother commented that he would probably not remember me, but that he would explain to him that Joseph the accountant was coming over. 

On arriving he was sitting on a sofa, snoozing.  On awakening he smiled and said “I remember you”. 

His grey hair had grown long and he apologised for looking dishevelled.  I said look behind me, and upon seeing my hair in a hair tie, broke out in fits of laughter.  He held my hand as we walked up to the coffee shop.  There was lots of story telling and laughter as we spent 90 minutes together.  Anthony is lucky as he has his brother.  He seemed happy and content even though he had no family of his own.   

On leaving I told him to hold strong until we meet again, to which he replied, “be careful in the water”, as he remembered I swim a lot in open water. Remarkable, I thought.  At which point I remembered a previous dementia client, who had since passed on.  He could never remember what we spoke of the previous week, but every time I sat down to play card games, he would whip my bxxt.


Christopher Joel Paterniti is about to graduate!!!! He is already kicking life goals so we have assisted with his business set up.  So we have set up "ITALIC Image Consulting'.  And now he has got a job as well! Crazy! literally fell into one in Henderson-Digital Marketing.  But we are still going ahead with our plans-rainy day stuff-Don't ask me how I know-you'll never believe me!

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