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Joseph's prior appointments have been by the State Administrative Tribunal as "Plenary Administrator" in situations where physically or mentally incapacitated individuals have lost the ability to care for themselves financially (Longest duration was four and half years).

A trusting role which Joseph has filled and is audited annually by the Public Trustee.











Of late we have been working on two major estates.


The first estate was divided among 19 beneficiaries,of which 8 resided in Calabria, Italy.

Being of Sicilian extraction Joseph can communicate in fluent Sicilian and Italian and can also write in Italian. Having to endure Sunday school from and early age before rebelling!


Mr. Doria said "Joseph is different. He is very patient and not phased or put off by anything. Which is how he assisted me as executor for my late uncle's estate"

Nat's story- Executor Client of Joseph  Paterniti & Associates


The second estate when complete will see the entire estate divided amongst various charitable estates, as per the wishes of the deceased.

Mr William Allen from Allen and Jaznic lawyers maintains that Joseph's involvement in the taxation issues of large estates is a must, if one is to pay the right amount of  tax. "I would not know what to do in this regard, so I choose a specialist"

Bill Allen's (Solicitor) story- Executor Client of Joseph  Paterniti & Associates





"I went through a marriage breakdown recently and was lacking confidence. I wanted to buy the hair salon where I had been working at for over 20 years from my boss who was retiring. To do this I had to take over the loan for the home which I built with my now ex husband as I wanted to continue living here. The loan was still 70% ."
"It all seemed impossible, paying out my ex husband, keeping the house and going further into debt to buy a business."

"That was where Joseph came into it."

"Because of his experience he was able to see clearly through the maize and take the emotion out of it."

"Joseph forecast from the previous financial history that I could not only pay my ex husband out sooner rather than later, stay in my home, and buy the business but also amass asset wealth by the 7th year."

"I am now 3.5 years in and the indications are that I am well on this path."

"I wouldn't be where I am without Joseph's expertise and all the time he has put into helping me get where I am today."

Josie's story-Business Client of Joseph  Paterniti & Associates.



"In 2003/04 I was going through a divorce, living out of my van with only the shirt on my back."

"I'm not embarrassed to say that I was depressed before being introduced to Joseph."

"My FIFO wage was being eroded. Joseph was able to put me in touch with the right people to make this more manageable."

"He also assisted me in creating a pathway for asset ownwership. 11 years on I now manage my own self managed super fund and very soon hope to enter home ownership."

"Where I was confronted and confused by numbers, Joseph was able to clear this for me and I owe todays understanding directly to his assistance."

"It is fair to say that Joseph is a special person who cared enough to listen and assist me."

                                                                                                                                 Stuart's story-Associate of Joseph Paterniti & Associates.



Jean wrote

"Dear Joseph. On behalf of Rockingham and Districts Alzheimer's Inc, we would like to sincerely thank you for your very kind donation by waving your fee for the Reconciliation of Accounts and Preparation of the Financial Statements plus all the secretarial work done on our behalf for this year. You will be greatly recognized in our Annual Newsletter".  Costs in excess of $3000.00.

                                                                                                                  Mrs. Jean Freind, Chairperson Rockingham and Districts Alzheimer's Inc.

457 Visa Application Assistance for a new migrant


I arrived in Australia exactly one year ago.  After 2 months I decided to look for a job, and I’ve been very lucky to find my current job especially for the help that acounter gave me.  Passed few months, my visa was running out, so with the boss, we decided to start all the paperworks to do the sponsorship.  Luckly Giuseppe Paterniti (the accounter) helped us to do everything in a very good way.  Unfortunately I had to leave the country to wait for another visa, and this was a bit frustrating for me because I didn’t even know if I would have been able to come back in Australia.  Giuseppe helped me a lot with all the paperworks even if this included much time and a lot of mental energy.  He did everything I needed without giving me any trouble and working hard to get anything done and I really appreciate that”.

Today, I’m here in Australia, happy, and waiting for my sponsor approval.  And for all this I have to be thankful to Giuseppe for everything he did for me, for be such a professional and good acounter and especially a good friend”.

Thank you Giuseppe.

                                                                          by Giovanni sms-prospective long term employee of a client we assist with Business Management.


First Time Lodgers


Aimee’s Story:

“Thanks Joseph…..Just think I have 3 other children coming through…more and more BB’s for your files.  Yes you have our permission to show our appreciation on your website, we completely trust you with our tax returns and won’t go anywhere else”.

Aimee recently turned 18, and is the daughter of long established clients.  She was concerned and anxious over a late 2015 tax return for which she was still awaiting and promised many times a payment summary (group certificate).  So just recently we were required to complete 2 years for Aimee.  In the end there was nothing to worry about she still managed a refund and fortunately no ATO penalty for the late lodgement.  A good Tax Adviser only needs 1 known, the remaining unknowns we find quite easily.  It’s just basic numbers.

See Taxation Blog section.

Aimee’s mother originally wrote:  “Hi Joseph.  Below is a copy of Aimee’s bank statement for the month of June which shows two pay groups which she received from her employer at the time.  We have requested numerous times a group certificate, without success.  I don’t know if she paid tax.  She has about 5 other pay groups leading into the next financial year so this will probably happen again”.

Testimonials Vs Critique:

We do not usually lose clients.  But when we do the reason given is usually over price rather than quality.

So these are Joseph’s charge out rates (28 years experience): 

  • Accounting and Taxation preparation $250 per hour + GST or part thereof.

  • Business Law advice $450.00 per hour + GST or part thereof.














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